1. Who to use null meter in avr panel?

2. Can you miss the clearance limit and loose commands from the Air Craft Officer?

Yes, there is a policy and procedure to be followed for the
missing clearance limit, so a Pilot can leave and reach a
different altitude for sometime within the limit and should
come back to the proper clearance limit once things are in
control. This time limit is only as per the procedure in the

3. Without Air Traffic Control, what is the minimum descent rate can descend the plane?

A Pilot can descend up to 500” bare minimum, without
informing the ATC (Air Traffic Controller) and this is only
during an exceptional cases. However, it's always better to
be in regular touch with the Air Traffic Controller and to
keep him informed about the descent rate. This will not have
any traffic problems during landing in the runway.

4. When pilot is assigned a speed, how much can one deviate from that speed?

Complying and following the actual speed adjustment
policies, a pilot can run and indicate plus or minus 10
knots or 0.02 mach number of specified speed. Its always
better to keep the land air officer in the loop before
adjusting the air speed. Exceptions are always there to meet
the emergency requirement.

5. Explain When can one deviate from any flight rules and regulations?

Chief Pilot in command can deviate from rules and
regulations during emergency period; he can do it to get the
plane back to the normalcy or to meet the expected
requirement of the emergency.

6. Explain What would you do if your Captain is not following the instructions properly?

Refer to your plane manual and discuss the same with your
client and ensure you make him understand the procedures and
rules. If he does not respond, you will call your concerned
aircraft officer at the airport and escalate and make sure
your voice frequency is recorded.

7. Tell me How would you handle if your co-worker is not co-operating with you?

Talk to your co-worker directly and explain him that you are
having a problem working with him and make him understand
the situation, if he is not willing to listen or not
co-operating, then direct the issue to chief pilot.

8. Explain What is the testing done in aerospace engineering?

The testing of small rocket engines and entails development
by researching on aerospace. They are responsible to perform
and experiment on laboratory facility which is dedicated to
aerospace. One should be capable of solving problems by
applying knowledge by solving problem of the research done.
They will be working with technical team of researchers and
they should have ability handle projects alone.

9. Tell me about stress analysis?

People working on these areas as a aerospace engineers
should have familiarity and exposure to NASTRAN and MATLAB
with knowledge on space environment and modeling of flexible
dynamics. These aerospace engineers will be responsible to
conduct stress analysis on metallic and composite
structures. NASTRAN, IDEAD, Oracle and PATRAN proficiency
level is required. Their duties also include on aircraft
which are metallic and composite structures. This includes
and understanding of control surface stiffness and loop
calculations, finite element modeling (FEM), fatigue testing
requirement and analysis.

10. Explain What will be the responsibility of the spacecraft
operations, dynamics and controls?

People working on these areas as a aerospace engineers
should have familiarity and exposure to NASTRAN and MATLAB
with knowledge on space environment and modeling of flexible
dynamics. These aerospace engineers will be responsible to
work in the areas of structural control, momentum control,
line of sight (LOS), spacecraft mission design, control of
space boards payloads, operational engineering.

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11. What do you understand by Aerodynamics/performance analysis?

Aerodynamics / performance analysis in military programs
include responsibility like analyzing aerodynamics impacts
which effects from external modifications, developing
mission profiles based on requirements from the customer,
performance data of the mission which includes take off and
landing details, en route and mission data performance.
Analyze the configurations using the dynamics which are
fluid and computational. Additional task may include support
for wind tunnel planning for test flight. Documentation,
test support, data analysis should be done on regular basis.
Co ordination of aerodynamics with multi discipline teams
and data should be provided for support flight management
system or mission planning software.

12. Explain the differences between Aeronautical Engineering and astronautically engineering?

Aeronautical engineering deals with vehicles which operates
in the atmosphere

Aeronautical engineering deals with vehicles operating in space.

Aeronautical engineering works on tunnel tests, analyzing
flight test data, manned space flights, planning future
space missions, spacecraft operations, designing and testing
robotic systems, developing new propulsion system, computing
optimum flight trajectories, developing communication
systems for distance space probes and designing new rockets.

Astronautical engineer includes designing power systems for
spacecraft structure, developing communications systems for
distant space probes, developing hardware skills for
operations in spacecraft, designing and testing robotic
systems, developing new propulsion systems and computing
optimum flight.

13. Explain What made you choose aerospace engineer line as your career?

In aerospace engineering there are lots of interesting
topics which include rocketry, aero planes, Lego's. As a
school student I started sketching for future aircraft and
space craft, military aircraft. I analyzed the importance of
space travel, aviation history, and aerospace industry and
hence decided to get into this field.

14. Tell me What is the requirement to become a Professional Engineer (PE) in the field of Aerospace?

Professional Engineer license is required for people who
aspire to go in as officially approved engineer. The design
specification is done by self employed people or working in
small business. General aerospace engineers work for
government or for big companies and hence few people are not
very keen on becoming PE's. To become a PE one has to pass
an exam on fundamentals of engineering which takes alot of
hours to gruel and work under a licensed PE for about four
years. Also they have to grow through a principle and
practice of engineering exam which requires about 8 hours.

15. Explain What are the main areas in Aviation?

Artificial intelligence

Aircrafts and parts

Advanced materials, composites and specialty metals

Computers, electronic components and systems

Fighters and attack aircraft

Government defense policies and goals


Navigation controls and guidance systems

Ordinance and Military vehicles

Computers, electronic components and systems

Aviation electronic/Avionics



Search and detection equipments

Strategic defensive initiative

Sensors and instrumentation


Space vehicles and commercialization of space

16. Explain how you overcame a major obstacle?

To overcome obstacle, one should have strong determination
and self confidence on himself / herself. They have to face
life as it comes.

17. What is the highest temperature the space shuttle
undersurface experiences during its mission?

Under surface of the space shuttle will experience above
2300'c at the time of re-entering.

18. What is a liquid metal?


19. Are thermal protection systems of space crafts commonly composed of one panel or a collection of smaller tiles?

Thermal protection system of space crafts will be of tiles
which are made up of ceramics and ceramic composites to with
stand thermal shocks and to avoid cracks it is used as tiles.

20. Does not simplification of complex honeycomb designed for thermal protection system of are usable launch vehicles jeopardize the accuracy of results?

It jeopardize the accuracy but it also has some advantages
but cannot be used due to its inaccuracy.

21. What is ram jet?

It is a jet engine with no moving parts, only fuel spayed
and burned.

22. Why refrigeration is done inside aircraft, and why aircraftbody is made of aluminums?

This is the combined effect low pressure & speed of plane in
sky. Body of aircraft is made up of aluminums due to its
good tensile strength & good conductor.

23. How can we draw design the airfoils using NACA series?

simply download naca series cordinates its available on net ..start plotting..tat coordiantes,,,and also templates all available

24. What type of bearing used in bell helicopters?

Elastomeric bearings that Elastomeric bearings are bearings
constructed from a rubber type material and have limited
movement that is perfectly suited for helicopter

25. What is the difference between stress and pressure?

when the external force is applied on the elastic body,the
body will deform from its original position.there will be an
internal resistance force which will act opposite to the
external force with the same magnitude.the internal
resistance force per unit area is called stress.....
pressure is the force which will act normal to the surface
and all over the surface..........

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26. Which is the high thrust producing jet engine?

ramjet engine

27. What is yawing motion?

yawing motion means the side ways motion aircraft about the
lateral axis.in otherwords side to side motion of aircraft.

28. 1)what distance should be maintained between networking (data) cable & power cable if both cables are run in a seperate condute pipe parallaly?
2)what happens if networking cable & power cable run parallel to each other, eventhough they run in a seperate
condute pipes?


29. How the shockwave produced in aerofoil,and actually what happen that region?

Shaock Only at supersonic speed

Message(about aircraft prasence downstream) waves go
upstream at the speed of sound.

But Aircraft goes more than the speed of sound.(supersonic)

Before upstream air get the message about aircraft prasence,
air encouter the aircraft.
No time to adjust the airflow,Hence Shock!

30. Can a carbon dioxide gas use as fuel source?

Due to new and utterly inefficient techniques, carbon
dioxide can be broken down into oxygen and carbon monoxide.
this carbon monoxide can then be used to produce plastics
and gas.

31. Why airline prefer beautiful girls for hostesses?

There are different kind of people travel in a airlines we dnt know about them? sum people may act violent normally girls soft nature? so the airlines prefer girls y there prefer a beautiful girls? to impress a customer so airline prefer beautiful girls for hostesses

32. How the vfd is working?

VFD having 3 main section namely Rectifier , DC bus,
by Rectifier input supply AC is converted to DC , In the
section main part is pulse also getting change by no. of

In DC bus section having capacitor , in this capacitor the
power is getting store.

In Inverter section the DC is converted to AC and the supply


aeronautical is not the thing to study it's the thing to
understand the concept that how to fly:-)
obvioulsy in every college aero students are the best one's
in all disciplines

34. Rotation of dc shunt motor is revers by using 2
methods,which method is best and why?

reversing the armature terminal is better & applied in
practice.this is becoz of the following drawbacks in field
reversing method.
* high voltage build-up during reversing the field terminal
which is high enough to puncture the insulation of field

* high flash-over will occur.

* during reversal, the armature current should be limited
to the rated value,otherwise it will draw twice the time of
starting current.we can insert the external resistance to
limit the current while reversing the armature
terminal.whereas,in field reversal we cannot give any
provision to limit armature over current.