1. What is CRM process as Airline Pilot?

The systematic and effective use of all available resources to ensure a desirable outcome and completion of the flight. Focusing on communication, teamwork, task allocation, decision-making and situational awareness.
The major contributors in the CRM process are: Dispatchers, flight attendants, maintenance, ATC and of course the cockpit crew.

2. What is the MAP on a non-precision approach?

Non-precision: MAP is usually visually identified by a capitol and bold "M" in the Jepps or at the end of the solid line on NOS. There are several ways to id the MAP: Published DME at the MAP, Navaid such as the middle marker (MM), or timing from the FAF

3. What is the importance of proficiency in several languages for a pilot?

A private pilot may limit himself to knowledge of English good enough to understand control towers. Other pilots, being more publicly involved figures by necessity, greatly benefit from knowing more than one language.

4. What is your Proudest accomplishment?

Becoming a pilot and graduating from college as to be the biggest accomplish so far.

5. What is the 1-2-3 rule?

Requirements for filing an alternate. 1-2-3: 1hr before to 1hr after estimated time of arrival, the weather must be forecast to be 2000' ceiling and 3SM vis.

6. What makes a good captain or what do you expect from a Captain?

one that is knowledgeable, decisive, conservative and safety conscious, good people skills, superior communication skills, solid piloting skills, can manage stress and avoid confrontation

7. List your qualifications as a pilot?

Besides relevant college degree(s), pilots graduate from flying school and participate in annual additional training.

8. What is GRID MORA?

It's an altitude derived by Jepp or provided by state authorities. If derived by Jepp, Grid MORA clear all terrain and structures by 1000' in areas where highest elevations are 5000' MSL or lower. MORA values clear all terrain and structures by 2000' in areas where highest elevations are 5001' MSL or higher. Grid MORA (State) altitude supplied by the State Authority provides 2000' clearance in mountainous areas and 1000' in non-mountainous areas. Also... a +/- denote doubtful accuracy but are believed to provide sufficient reference point clearance.

9. What is the definition of CRM?

CRM is a system which allows optimum use of all available resources - equipment, procedures, interpersonal communication, team work - all to promote safety and enhance efficiency in operations

10. What is Vso of your most recent aircraft?

Cessna 172 is 41Kts

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11. What is the max distance from the runway if you were to circle to land?

Depends on your speed

12. Have you applied anywhere else?

Just be honest on this one. If you are in the job hunt, it's normal to apply to several companies. It's great to tell them that Cathay is your top choice, but it would be suspect to say Cathay is your only choice.

13. What is mach tuck?

As the aircraft reaches critical mach the nose of the aircraft tends to pitch downwards due to the flow of air over the wing reaching supersonic speeds producing additional life and center of pressure moving rearward. As the center of pressure moves rearward the elevators become less effective, pushing the aircraft into a potentially unrecoverable dive.

14. What is tower's NORDO signal to be cleared to land?

Steady green

15. What is VMCG?

minimum speed control in the ground

16. What is the difference between Blue, Green Airports?

blue is IFR (has approaches) green is VFR (no approaches)



18. What is VMCA?

Minimun Speed Control in the Air

19. What is windshear?

its a change on direction and speed of the wind

20. What is MOCA?

Minimum Obstacle Clearance that provides obstable clearance between Vor airways. It also ensures VOR coverage 22nm from the nearest VOR

21. What is hyperventilation?

hyperventilation is when the body has too much Oxygen and not enough Co2

22. Ever had an emergency?

yes, many over the years

23. Pilots have many simultaneous responsibilities during the flight. What can you tell me about this?

Pilots navigate the flight, observe and direct the activities of the crew, check instruments, keep an eye on the weather, and monitor altitude and air traffic. Doing all these and more, often simultaneously, requires outstanding multi-tasking skills and power of concentration.

24. What are the max airspeeds in C airspace?

200 KIAS within 4 NM of Primary Class C Airport

25. How would you behave as the pilot of a plane during an emergency?

Describe first what your emotional response would be. It is important to demonstrate, preferably through examples, that you can maintain your poise during such events, and that you possess enough presence of mind to activate emergency procedures and delegate duties among crew members as necessary.

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26. Where do you see yourself in 6 months?

with your company

27. Did you ever have to modify the flight course in the past?

Pilots are able to modify the course in flight, if this is dictated by internal or external conditions. This is not a small responsibility and needs careful coordination with control towers and scrupulous attention to detail.

28. World Airways Pilot Interview Questions:

► Why World?
► Why should we hire you?
► What is the maximum take off weight of the aircraft I flew?
► How did you get into an aviation career?
► Tell me about a time that you made mistake in airplane? and what you learned from it.
► Describe what a Captain is.
► Do you want to be a Captain?
► Do you mind being an FO for 5 years?
► Was asked to grade my sim performance from the day before!
► What engines are on the airplane you have been flying?

29. Flight Express Airline Pilot Interview Questions:

► Why you?
► Are you sure this is what you want to do?
► Tell me about yourself.

30. Lion Air Airline Pilot Interview Questions:

► What is Bernoulli law? how the aircraft can fly?
► What is Newton's Law?
► What is ACN/PCN?
► Know about Piston Engine
► Loyalty to company

31. LAN Airline Pilot Interview Questions:

► Why do you want to become a pilot?
► Why LAN Chile?
► Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
► Did you have any bad experience in the past?
► What is your best quality?
► What is your weakness?
► What have you heard about LAN chile?
► What would you do if you were on final and suddenly had an electrical fire in the cockpit?
► What would you do if you were cruising and noticed that your captain was unconscious?

32. Miami Air International Airline Pilot Interview Questions:

► Tell something about your flying career.
► What am I looking for in their company?
► What is the dumbest thing you have done in an airplane?
► What are you looking for in an airline?
► Are you prepared for life at Miami Air Long days Away from home Pay 90 minute callout
► Have you had any failed checkrides?
► Have you had any traffic tickets?
► Have you had a DUI?
► Do you have a criminal record?
► Do you have any accident s/ incidents on record?

33. Mokulele Airlines Pilot Interview Questions:

► Tell me about your previous work experience.
► What are your strengths?
► What is your weakness?
► What has been your flying experience with the past 60 days?
► What has been your flying experience with the past 30 days?
► Why did you apply here?
► Do you have any violations, incidents or accidents?
► Do you have any weather experience?

34. Ryan International Airlines Airline Pilot Interview Questions:

► Why do you want to work with Ryan?
► Describe your flying career.
► What was your worst job?
► What was your best job?
► What would you do if the Captain smells like alcohol?
► What would you do if the captain wants to continue below minimums?
► What would you do if the captain wants to break a company rule?
► Tell me a time you broke an FAR?
► Tell me a time you had a conflict at work.
► Approach lights for the cat 2 ILS: what do they look like and what do you need to see to continue?

35. Seaborne Airlines Pilot Interview Questions:

► What is your Total Flight Time?
► What ratings do you have?
► When did you fly last?
► What is your total time in the last 6 months?
► What is your total time in the last 12 months?
► What class medical do you have?
► When did you start flying?
► Why did you start flying?
► Wx goes below mins past the FAF, can you continue and when you would go missed.
► Describe TDZE

36. XOJET Airline Pilot Interview Questions:

► Why XOJET?
► Why not other companies like NetJets or Flextjet?
► Do you want to work for the legacy airlines liked United, Delta or American?
► Have you applied to anyone else?
► What is the foundation of good leadership?
► What is your leadership style?
► If there is someone out there that you've had differences with and you would not go to that person for a recommendation, what would he/she say about you?
► Tell us about yourself.
► How did you get in aviation/flying?
► What are your strengths?

37. What is hypoxia?

Lack of oxygen to body tissues

38. Why do you like Compass?

I like the new modern equipment and I like the fact that it's got flow through to/ is part of Northwest.

39. What is a squall line?

It is a continuous narrow line active of thunderstorms ahead of cold front but can develop far removed of any front. May be too long to detour, too thick to penetrate. It forms very rapidly reach Max intensity in late afternoon or early evening. IT IS THE SINGLE MOST INTENSE WEATHER HAZARD FOR AIRCRAFT.

40. Why do you want to work for Allegiant?

growing company, day trips, upgrade potential

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41. Why Ameriflight?

I'd like to fly cargo and gain the single-pilot IFR experience

42. Did you ever have a problem with an F/O?


43. What is your clearance limit when cleared for the approach and then you loose coms?

The published hold on the missed.

44. What is MEA?

Minimum En Route Altitude, lowest altitude on that airway that assures obstacle clearance and acceptable navigational reception.

45. What is Definition of V2?

Single engine climb speed until safe altitude or clear of obstacles

46. What is Definition of V1?

on a balance runway it is the last chance for you to decide not to go if you have and emergency and still stop on the runway according to the air data

47. What is the definition of Hypoxia?

Not enough Oxygen

48. What is the seating capacity of the Dash 8 100 and 300 and how many flight attendants you need?

DA-100 (37) DA-300 (50) FA 1

49. Tell me the biggest factor as far as fuel conservation goes as it relates to a jet engine?

TSFC thrust specific fuel consumption which directly inperpolates to power setting and altitude. Higher you climb the less fuel required. Throttle settings also have a say in conservation and relates more to maintenance issues which is why full throttle takeoffs are rarely done.

50. What qualities make a good captain?

Confident, Diligent, Good CRM skills, Good Problem Solver

51. What's your choice of base?

PDX or Seattle

52. EVA Airways Airline Pilot Interview Questions:

► Why did you apply with us?
► What is grid mora?
► What is MSA?
► What is the difference between GPWS and EGPWS?
► What is your windshear procedure?
► Explain Balance Fld. length
► Tell us about your aviation background?
► Explain De icing/ Anti-icing procedures.
► Tell us about your flying experiences?
► What will you do if recalled by XYZ Airlines?

53. Japan Airline Pilot Interview Questions:

► Why do you want to work for us?
► Who invented the steam engine?
► Who invented the telephone?
► How did you get interested in flying?
► How old are you?

54. JetSuite Airline Pilot Interview Questions:

► Tell me about a time you went above and beyond your normal job role.
► Tell me about a good decision that you made.
► Tell me about a bad decision that you made.
► Tell me about a time you were pressured into doing something unsafe and how you responded.
► Tell me about a time you improved your co-worker's knowledge or performance.
► Tell me about a time you were pressured into bending or breaking company policy.

55. Kalitta Air Airline Pilot Interview Questions:

► Tell me about yourself.
► What are your goals in aviation?
► Are you computer literate?
► Tell us about a time where you had a conflict at work.
► How did you get into flying?
► Tell us about your career.
► What would you do if you lost #4 Hydraulics on the way from Guam to Hong Kong?
► What would you do if you lost an engine from Puerto Rico to Miami?
► Are you okay with the type of flying and days gone that are expected of you at Kalitta.?
► How will you handle 17 days being gone?

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56. Kalitta Charters Airline Pilot Interview Questions:

► Do you have any accidents or incidents?
► Where do you see your aviation career going?
► Tell me about your last emergency.
► Tell me about the a/c systems you fly.
► How does a governor work?
► What would you do if you entered a T-Storm?
► What is the primary source of electrical power on the last aircraft you flew?
► How would you fly the CRUXX STAR into KYIP if you lost comms?
► Do you have any DUI's?
► Read a given sample METAR and explain what each element means, including all that stuff at the end of the line.

57. Federal Express Airline Pilot Interview Questions:

► Tell us how you got here and your experience so far.
► Tell us about the most significant emergency you have had.
► Have you ever caught an error that you or another crew member made that would have caused an incident or violation had it not been caught?
► Tell us about your most trying time with support personnel, (MX, catering, ramp workers, etc.).
► Tell us about a time when stress affected your performance.
► Tell us about a time when you did not get along with another crew member.
► Have you participated in any community service?
► How do you deal with problems?
► Why FedEx?
► Have you ever had a conflict in the cockpit?

58. Flight Options Airline Pilot Interview Questions:

► What is your perception of customer service?
► What do you do if the captain is high on approach and ref+40 and doesn't respond to your concerns.
► What does fractional mean?
► When are you considered at the Final Approach Fix on an ILS?
► What do you put in your CDI to fly the missed approach @ Telluride?
► When is the ILS critical area active?
► What do the center line lights look like?
► What do the runway edge lights look like?
► What does a missed approach point mean?
► How do you determine the VDP for a stable descent into the airport?

59. Hawaiian Airline Pilot Interview Questions:

► Tell us about your flying career
► What do you know about Hawaiian?
► Why are you applying to Hawaiian?
► Will you move to Hawaii if hired?
► Have you applied to Hawaii in the past?
► Have you applied to any other companies besides Hawaiian?
► If you are offered a job by Hawaiian and another company, which would you take? Why?
► How would you describe yourself?
► Why should we pick you instead of one of the other 2000 applicants?
► Have you ever done more than the minimum required?

60. Island Air Airline Pilot Interview Questions:

► Why Island Air?
► How would your friends describe you?
► What are your goals?
► What stressful situations you have been in?
► What are you looking for in a Captain?
► What type of management you are looking for?
► What makes you want to leave where you are living and come fly for IA?
► Asked to brief West Maui approach, circling to land and you are heading 020 on short final and go back into the clouds, Which way are you going to turn?
► Tell us about a stressful situation and what you did about it.
► Tell us something that you want to improve about yourself.

61. Era Aviation Airline Pilot Interview Questions:

► Give 5 adjectives that best describe you as a person.
► What are your negative traits?
► What have you been doing in the last couple of weeks?
► What have you been doing the last month?
► What have you been doing the past year?
► What are you doing for a college education?
► What were my grades like currently?
► What were my grades like back in High School?
► Have you ever gotten a "C" in school?
► You are on the ILS at MDA or DH, what do you need to see to land?

62. Evergreen International Airlines Airline Pilot Interview Questions:

► What quality is important to bring to a new job?
► Talk about your aviation history.
► Are there any Captains you look up to?
► What would be the hardest part of this job for you?
► Why Evergreen?
► Tell about a situation you have had to deal with as far as CRM goes.
► How will you get along with everyone?
► Are you here for some time or trying to use up training $ to get heavy time and split?
► Is there anyone you want to emulate as a Captain?
► What can you do to prevent complacency in the flight deck?

63. Flexjet Airline Pilot Interview Questions:

► How would you deal with a delay?
► What are you going to tell the customer that has a multi million dollar deal coming up that you have to cancel the flight because the a/c is broke, etc?
► Why Flexjet?
► What can you bring to the table?
► Do you have a problem relocating?
► How you got into flying?
► Were you ever fired?
► Name a time when you went out of your way for a customer.
► Tell me why you left a previous job?
► What were your experiences at a previous job?

64. FlyDubai Airline Pilot Interview Questions:

► Tell me about a time when you and your crew were working well together.
► Describe the routine of a normal day during your last flight assignment.
► How do you manage your crew and describe how you are a leader to them.
► What do you know about FlyDubai?
► Is there anything you wanted to tell us or ask us before the interview concluded?
► Why did you start flying?
► How will your life change living in UAE?
► How does your family feel about moving to UAE?
► What do you know about Islam?
► What will you do if you are not successful?

65. What is definition of "min fuel"?

When you can accept little or no delay, not an emergency situation, just an advisory to atc

66. Explain What is VDP?

at this point, if you gain view of positive visual runway environment, it guarantees a 3 degree decent slope (normal) down to the runway.

67. What is viscous hydroplaning?

Hydroplaning that requires a very smooth surface (ie new pavement, rubber coated pavement). Thin layer of water, low tire speed. Anything more than gentle braking can cause tires to lock.

68. Tell me how winglets serve to conserve fuel?

The winglet will allow a new airplane that already flies farther, higher and more economically than competing products to extend its range, carry more payload, save on fuel and benefit the environment. Unlike traditional winglets typically fitted at abrupt angles to the wing, this new advanced "blended" design gently curves out and up from the wing tip, reducing aerodynamic drag and boosting performance. A Next-Generation 737-800 equipped with the new winglet will be able to fly farther, burn 3 percent to 5 percent less fuel, or carry up to 6,000 pounds more payload. Quick answer is...it reduces drag cause by aerodynamic forces acting on the wingtip. Because of that it gets less fuel burn or greater cargo loads, or both.

69. Describe the landing gear of the plane you are flying?

We have a tricycle gear set up, each main gear has four-wheel truck and the nose gear has two wheels. They are ABS/Anti-skid equipped, and the emergency braking system has hydraulic accumulators that provide up to 7 full applications of brake pressure. You have to be careful when applying the brakes to avoid getting into an oscillation between the braking action and your brake pedal pressure

70. Why do you want to work here as Airline Pilot?

I continue to enjoy the experience of traveling. Atlas provides a diversity of flying experiences like few other airlines. It has proven its ability to accurately price and deliver ACMI/CMI

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71. What will be your biggest challenge at training for AWAC?

Following company procedures verbatim

72. What is the Long and Lat of Dubai?

25.2 N 55.3 E

73. What is RVSM?

Reduced vertical seperation minimums.

74. What is the difference between GPWS and EGPWS?

1. EGPWS is safer and more advanced than GPWS.
2. EGPWS uses GPS while GPWS doesn't.
3. EGPWS uses a terrain database that is not available in GPWS.
4. GPWS is only aware of the ground below it while EGPWS is aware of a larger area.

75. What is maximum speed in class charlie airspace within 4 nm from an airport?

200 Knots

76. What is the definition of a cold front and what is the associated weather?

A cold front occurs when a mass of cold dense and stable air advances and replaces a body of warmer air. It is associated with heavy weather such as thunderstorm, heavy rain/hail/lightning and may produce tornadoes. It is also producing squall line. High due point and falling baro pressure are indicative of cold front.

77. Have you ever gone out of the way for a passenger?

Absolutely, she wasn't a passenger, but one of my WSOs was feeling sick when we were getting ready for a flight back from Nellis in Las Vegas. The training mission we had planned wasn't vital, so we canceled the low-level profile and went straight back to Dyess from Nellis as fast as we could. I was totally prepared to get her to the Flight Doc if necessary or even cancel the flight if required.

78. What does your resume not tell us about you?

I am really going to miss my friends from the Air Force, I really enjoy going around the world with them, I met a lot of good people there but now it's time to go.

79. Would you be willing to consider yourself for a DESO position in HKG?

They might ask you this, but if you are attending an FO interview, I don't think you have to say yes to profess your loyalty to Cathay and Hong Kong. If you are interviewing for an FO position at one of their foreign freighter, than that is the only position you need to show a serious interest in.

80. What is an initial approach fix? Point to all IAF's on the approach plate?

point where initial approach segment begins

81. The P.I.C wants to take off illegally what do you do?

I take over and reject

82. What is the cross in the circle symbol represent in the airport plan view?

Airport Reference Point ARP.

83. Corporate Flight Departments Airline Pilot Interview Questions:

► How did you get into flying?
► Tell me about yourself.
► What are your strengths?
► What are your weaknesses?
► Why are you a good fit?

84. CitationAir Airline Pilot Interview Questions:

► Why do you want to work for CS?
► Tell me about a time that you exceeded a pax expectations.
► Tell me about a time you went above and beyond.
► Tell me about a time you had a problem with a captain.
► What is your biggest weakness?
► What would people in your current organization say about you if I called?
► Tell me about your career?
► Have you ever had an angry customer? and how did you handle it.
► If you have just enough fuel to make it to your destination on departure and you run into strong headwind what would you do to try to make it without stopping for gas?
► Do you have any applications out, have you heard from anybody besides CS?

85. Delta Air Lines Airline Pilot Interview Questions:

► Tell me about a time I had a conflict with a passenger?
► How I got involved in flying?
► What would you do if the CA was having a conflict with the FA?
► Tell me about a time a member of your crew had a conflict with ground personnel.
► What would you do if you had passengers and you were going to be late?
► You are on the 173 radial with a heading of 180 and you want to intercept the 138 course -- what heading should you fly?
► They decide to move the cargo more aft. What does this do?
► Have you ever had a DUI?
► What about your traffic tickets?
► What brought you here?

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86. Copa Airlines Airline Pilot Interview Questions:

► Tell us about yourself.
► Tell me about a time you had to make a decision quickly.
► How do you feel about moving to Panama?
► Tell us about why you wanted to be a pilot, how you got started and career progression?
► What would you do if a crew member had been drinking?
► What is the definition of a cold front and what is the associated weather?
► What is a squall line?
► What is the definition of CRM?
► What makes a good captain or what do you expect from a Captain?
► Why Copa?

87. CommutAir Airline Pilot Interview Questions:

► Why Commutair?
► Rate yourself 1-10
► How did you hear about Commutair?
► Why do you want to work for Commutair?
► Have you ever been convicted of a crime?
► Have you had an accident?
► Tell me why I should spend the money to train you when we both know you could leave right away and go fly a regional jet.
► What is the metar? and when is it issued?
► What would your current students say about you if we talked to them?
► If you could change anything about yourself what would it be?

88. Capital Cargo International Airlines Pilot Interview Questions:

► What do you know about the company?
► Do you think you can learn the 727 quickly?
► How do you like flying freight?
► How do you know the person who recommended you?
► Can you handle 6 weeks of training?
► You only spend 6 months at XYZ Company...why?
► In the event of an emergency decent, what is the most restrictive altitude of the ones listed below in the interest of safety?

89. Avantair Airline Pilot Interview Questions:

► What I knew about the Avantair and the P180?
► Why Avantair?
► Where do you want to be based?
► How do you deal with an internal engine fire in a turbine engine?
► What do you do if your Captain goes below approach mins.
► What do you do if there are more pax than on the trip sheet and you know you will be over gross T/O wt.
► What do you do if you see kids are using crayons on the interior of the aircraft?
► What do you tell an irate pax if you stored their notebook in the storage area and it is not pressurized.
► What are you flying now?
► Why leave current job?

90. ASTAR Air Cargo Airline Pilot Interview Questions:

► Who walked in your resume?
► If your resume was walked in, How do you know this person?
► What would you do if, You are a new SO taxiing out, the Ops Manual says all three pilots must have the airport diagram in front of them, but the FO refuses.
► You are in the training department down the road, You disagree with a company procedure, Do you still teach it the companies way even though you disagree with it?
► If you wanted to change the way a company procedure is taught, Who would you speak with?
► As a pilot what would you bring to this organization?
► As an individual, what would you bring to this organization?
► What have you done in the last 3 years?
► Are you still interested in a flight officer position?
► If your resume was walked in, How long have you known that person?

91. Amerijet Airline Pilot Interview Questions:

► Why Amerijet?
► What was the hardest decision you had to make in the cockpit?
► Why did you leave your prior job?
► What makes a good captain?
► What do you know about us?
► Have you had a conflict in the cockpit?
► What is your strength?
► Will you move to MIA?
► Tell me about your background?
► Do long hours bother you?

92. AmeriStar Airline Pilot Interview Questions:

► When do you need to file an alternate 135?
► Why do you want to fly 135 on demand?
► How do you feel sitting around a hotel for several days at time?
► What is the worst captain you have flown with?
► What is the best captain you have flown with?
► What would your previous employers say about you?
► What is your current job?
► Would you take a trip if you had been up all day and the pager goes off at 10pm, ect?
► Describe yourself using 5 words.
► What is your biggest weakness?

93. What 3 things must you report when you enter a hold?

Time & altitude at the holding fix. EFC has nothing to do with the required report.

94. Have you ever had to intervene with a crew member?


95. On an IFR flight in VFR who is responsible for separation, you or ATC?

Yes Me

96. Where do you see yourself in coming 10 years?

Chief Pilot

97. What are holding speeds?

200 knots up to 6000 230 knots from 6000 to 14000, 265 above 14000 and 310 knots if your in a F-111 or if your at a Navy base

98. Would you fly fatigued?

No way. I've done that during an ORE. Nodding off in formation is not cool.

99. Why not the military?

Military wasn't required

100. What was your worst day in aviation?

The day I was furloughed from Midwest Airlines

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101. Describe a NOT so perfect day in your current job?

A day when the aircraft breaks down at your last stop before getting to go home.

102. During walk-around before flight in icing conditions, what are you looking for?

All external heats on the airplane work

103. What kind of airspace is around LAX?

Class B. Very congested airspace.

104. What do you think defines a professional pilot?

Someone who is knowlegeable, punctual,able to communicate effectively,take command in all situations,understand his limitation,willing to continue training and adhere to company procedure, and very systematic in his or her approach.

105. Would I depart for an airport if they reported mu-25?

Depends on what the GOM says for minimum braking action. Crosswinds would be a big factor to consider in a go/no-go decision as well.

106. How much money do you two make?

I doubt they will ask you this question.

107. Your gear is stuck down, do you take another trip?

You need a ferry permit to stiff-leg the Cessna 402 to a maintenance base. This requires a Cape Air approved mechanic to inspect the plane and sign off the ferry permit.

108. Three adjectives to describe your work ethic?

Here are some ideas.. Adaptable, accurate, open-minded, meticulous, professional, punctual

109. What do you expect to accomplish here?

Well, I like win-win situations. I hope to help serve Ameriflight well, and earn a good income to support my family.

110. Tell us about a difficult boss?

All bosses are difficult

111. What is needed to descend below D/A?

Required visibility, Normal maneuvers to the runway, Runway environment (visual).

112. Have you got any questions?

Don't say no! Show them that you are interested about the development of the airline by asking a question.

113. If you are up all night with sick spouse/kid and have duty next day, what do you do?

You must always follow the best rules for safety. It is always best to prepare for each flight. If, however, you are too sick to work, it is most optimum to call in at your earliest opportunity, so that a replacement can be sought.

114. Why Cape Air?

big airline paneer

115. How radiation fog is formed?

After sunset the ground radiates the heat it accumulated during the day into the atmosphere. As the ground cools overnight, the air immediately above it cools as well. If it has enough moisture and cools to its dewpoint, fog will form.

Download Interview PDF

116. If that is all you can see (approach lighting) at DH/MDA, what would/can you do?

100 ft above touchdown zone unless Runway identifying lights / markings are visible.

117. Tell me the procedures for losing an engine?

Airspeed Mixture Throttle Props Flaps Gear Identify Verify Troubleshoot (if at safe altitude) Feather

118. What do you know about our airline?

Well, again take a sheet of paper, build up a folder and study it. Internet is a gold mine of information regarding your future airline. Use it! I even knew what where the best restaurants close to the airport base!

119. What is the difference between Decision Altitude and Decision Height?

Decision altitude (DA) is the MSL altitude at which the decision to land or go missed is made. Decision height (DH) is the corresponding AGL altitude.

120. What is VDP?

(visual descent point) is the last point in which you would be at a normal position to land on a non-precision approach.

121. What you would do if you had an engine fire on final approach and you were at the DH with no airport in site?

Those that would go around are you nuts? ALL airlines teach you to LAND! You have no idea where that fire is and how big it is. How well do you think you can do a one engine go around while trying to fight a fire? That's nuts. What if you lost the other engine? You have no idea and NO altitude. How often do you fly an approach with all needles centered and not been right on the centerline? These airplanes will fly you to the ground. LAND!

122. Why ASA?

You are the first ones that called!

123. Know what the MSA circle on the approach plate means and what it is used primarily for?

Lowest altitude that provides at least 1000ft obstruction/terrain clearance within 25 miles of the navaid it is based off of. For emergency use only and do not always assure signal coverage.

124. If you are 200 miles out @ 310, ATC wants 110 @ 40 DME, when do you start descent?


125. When could you start working for our airline?

"I was born ready…" you are not a top gun… Find out a way to tell them that you are more than ready! I said: "Since yesterday already!" (with a big smile on my face) and then I precised more seriously that I was able to start immediately.

126. As you are about to push back, Capt has just rushed on board, you smell alcohol (of course you question the Capt), the response the Capt gives: I was at a game and had alcohol spilled on me, that's why we can smell it, what do you do?

Captain, I'm concerned about safety and perceptions. Let's contact dispatch and bring them into the loop and get us both tested for alcohol so we can be sure we're both safe to take this flight.

127. What is the speed limit in Class B Airspace?

Sec. 91.117 - Aircraft speed.
(a) Unless otherwise authorized by the Administrator, no person may operate an aircraft below 10,000 feet MSL at an indicated airspeed of more than 250 knots (288 m.p.h.).
(b) Unless otherwise authorized or required by ATC, no person may operate an aircraft at or below 2,500 feet above the surface within 4 nautical miles of the primary airport of a Class C or Class D airspace area at an indicated airspeed of more than 200 knots (230 mph.).
This paragraph
(b) does not apply to any operations within a Class B airspace area. Such operations shall comply with paragraph
(a) of this section.
(c) No person may operate an aircraft in the airspace underlying a Class B airspace area designated for an airport or in a VFR corridor designated through such a Class B airspace area, at an indicated airspeed of more than 200 knots (230 mph).

128. Now on approach, thunderstorm 3-4 miles away, Capt is flying, what do you do Storm gets closer, you are now @ 600ft and wind is beyond limits, what do you do On your way to the alternate which is 20 min away, would you talk about it How would you bring it up when you do bring it up Are you going to formally let anyone know about this?

Inform the Captain the wind is beyond our limits and recommend we divert to our alternate. At 600', if the Captain is still not terminating the approach, I call "Go Around". During the 20 minute divert, I do not talk about the missed approach, just stay focused on preparing for the arrival at the diversion airport. If there is time, I offer to attend to logistics for our passengers. Once we land, I ask the Captain if we can privately debrief the missed approach and diversion. There's no need to formally report the diversion unless the Captain shows a disregard for company procedures, limitations, and safety of flight.

129. Would you help load the airplane with boxes if the ground crew is running behind or was short handed?

Of course you would.

130. If you are flying 121, can you take off from an airport when the current weather is below landing min's?

Yes. But you need to file an alternate , one hour flight distance with one engine inop in still air.

Download Interview PDF

131. How did you get into flying?

Childhood Dream

132. Why do you want to fly for AA?

Growing up my original dream was to fly for the airlines, after graduating from college, and the necessary flight time, the industry wasn't hiring, now with my current job unstable, I thought this would be a good opportunity to resurrect my dream!

133. What to report in a hold, and min vis for takeoff in a three engine aircraft?

Name of Fix, Time, Altitude and EFC time, 1/2 or 2400RVR

134. First Class passenger is annoyed about the delay at the gate due to duty day crew change, FA won't serve drinks, the person then calls FA names, FA comes to you, Captain is not there yet, FA wants passenger kicked off aircraft, what do you do?

My airline has a complaints resolution officer. Call dispatch to bring that person in to resolve the issue (Does AA have a rep) In the mean time ask the FA to bring the lead up. Ask the lead if you could talk to the passenger and try to deescalate the situation. If the lead says yes I would take a few min and calmly speak to the pax and let him know we will do everything we can to get you to your destination safely however, if you continue to be abusive we will have to ask you to deplane. I consider my job to treat every passenger as I would like to be treated. That includes giving someone a second chance, if they still continue to act up 86 them.

135. Where is the FAF on a VOR/ILS approach?

On a VOR approach, the FAP is whenever you are established on course inbound and the final decent may be started. For non-precision approaches, the FAF is the "Maltese Cross" and for precision, the arrow which identifies the GS intercept.

136. Can you intentionally fly a turbojet beneath Class B?

yes I can intentionally fly a turbojet beneath Class B.

137. What is an LDA?

a precision approach that is offset from the runway, it may have GS

138. Give us 3 good & bad qualities about yourself?

Personal good qualities are always easy to tell but how about bad qualities? I had to say 3 and I had only one the day of my pilot interview. It is not easy to tell the employer you want to work for that you are a bastard! Bad luck for me that day, the psychologist asked me the same question in a different way: "If you sister was able to change one thing about your personality, what would it be?". I was not expecting that one… Well I took the time to think and I shared a small conflicting situation I had with her and how I reacted.

139. Do you speak our local/country language?

It is always a very good advantage to speak the local language but if you don't, please don't just say "no" or "no but I am ready to learn", answer in a positive way like "Well, I can't keep a discussion but since I know I had this interview I've started to learn a bit about and I bought a book to learn it" Try to say a few words or to tell them that you will work on that in the local laguage. It is always appreciated! The best example is when you see tourists talking to you in your language. Don't you like it?!

140. What would you do if you lost your medical?

Request a ground instructor position and help in the training department.

141. When is the last time you did something unsafe?

Last week

142. What is the effect of aft cg on performance?

rearward Cg gives better fuel efficiency

143. What are the CDI/RAIM sensitivities of a GPS outside 30nm? Inside 30nm?

+- 5 mi +- 1 mi

144. What was your last mistake?


145. Why do you want to become a pilot?

Before I went to the interview I took a sheet of paper and I made a list of all the reasons why I wanted to be a pilot. The list can be long! Take then three to five most relevant point and that is your answer. Try always to explain why taking examples.

Download Interview PDF

146. What would you do: If the captain you suppose to fly with is smelting alcohol? If the captain you suppose to fly with shows you wrong fuel calculation (without changing his mind)?
If the captain you fly with is flying unstably during an ILS approach (with no improvements)? If your best friend is also part of this pilot assessment but there is only one position available?

This is the kind of situation in which they will put you. In my case the senior captain in front of me was in the skin of this fu… capt'N. "Check your speed!" "Speed is good young pilot!". "Go around!" "I flew 1000 hours on this aircraft and you tell me to go around?". I took over the controls when the situation was not safe anymore and that is what they wanted! You don't have enough fuel? Check out a few times your calculations and if you're right, explain it to your colleague and again. If you're right, don't go without enough fuel! Avoid saying "NO" and be CRM (crew resource management) minded!

147. Personality Based Airline Pilot Interview Questions:

► What do you consider as the high and low points in your life to date?
► Give an example of when you have risen to a challenge set for you?
► Give an example of a situation that you have learnt from?
► Tell me about a conflict you have had with a superior or supervisor?

148. Safety/Security And Company Specific Based Airline Pilot Interview Questions:

► What would you do if you saw a passenger being abusive to a member of cabin crew?
► What do you think poses the greatest threat to Airline security today?
► Why do you want to join us?
► Why do you think this company is right for you?
► What will you do if you are not selected for a job with this Airline?
► Discuss the most significant business issue currently affecting the airline industry and what measures you think this airline is taking in response to its effects?

149. Behavioral Airline Pilot Interview Questions:

► Give me a recent example of a situation you have faced when the "pressure was on". What happened? How did you handle it?
► Give me an example of a recent situation when you disagreed with someone on the job. What were your options for settling it? Why did you choose the option you did?
► Give me an example of a decision you had to make quickly or under pressure. How did you approach it and how did it work out?
► Tell me about a time when you had to go above and beyond the call of duty in order to get a job done.
► Give me an example of an important goal that you had set in the past and tell me about you success in reaching it.
► Describe a situation in which you were able to use persuasion to successfully convince someone to see things your way.
► By providing examples, convince me that you can adapt to a wide variety of people, situations, and environments.
► Describe a project you were responsible for starting. What did you do? How did it work out?
► When, in a past job, did you find it important to disagree with your boss? How did you approach him/her and what was the result?
► Give me an example of a time when you had to manage multiple projects simultaneously. How did you prioritize them?
► What major problem have you encountered and how did you deal with it?
► Describe the relationship that should exist between a supervisor and subordinates?

150. Background Based Airline Pilot Interview Questions:

► Tell me a little about your upbringing?
► What was the most difficult part of your flying training?
► Why did you decide to get into commercial aviation?
► How did you pay for your training?
► Why did you leave your previous employment?

151. Airline Pilot Interview Questions:

► How did you get interested in aviation?
► What would your leadership style be as a captain?
► Describe a problem/dispute that you had with a colleague?
► How would your former supervisors describe you?
► Describe your most memorable flying experience?
► Have you ever failed a check-ride or required additional training?
► How would I feel about being a relief pilot?
► What is the greatest achievement in your career to date?
► What was the hardest decision you've had to make in your career?
► What do you like about your present job?

152. Problem solving, Decision Making And Leadership Based Airline Pilot Interview Questions:

► Tell me about a problem that you have had to solve as part of a group?
► You get a technical failure, how would you go about solving it with no engineering cover?
► What is the hardest decision you have had to make?
► Either flying related or not.
► Describe a time when you have made a split second decision?
► Was it the correct one?
► If you have a long term decision to make, what thought process do you go through?
► List some of the leadership roles you have had in the past?
► Give an example of an occasion when you demonstrated good leadership?

153. Technical Airline Pilot Interview Questions:

► What would you do if you lost an engine on take off?
► Run through your thought process?
► Why do airliners have swept wings? Discuss the significance of Mcrit.
► How many seats does a particular aircraft that the Company flies have?

154. Four ways to identify gear's up?

Just a follow up in case anyone cares :-) 1. Three greens 2. Transit light out 3. Throttle warning 4. Flap warning

155. Have you ever had a significant disagreement with another pilot?


156. What makes a good airline pilot in your opinion?

One who takes his or her job serious

157. You're taking off, and lose an engine before Vmc. What do you do?

Maintain directional control and stop the aircraft on the runway. Then declare to ATC that you have had an emergency (use the word emergency) and am stuck on the runway.

158. What makes a good freight pilot?

Avoiding complacency.

159. What is "BR" in a Metar?

Mist.. Think (B)aby (R)ain

160. What is Max A/S in Class C?

Airspeed maximum of 200 knots indicated within 4 nautical or 5 statute miles and 2500 feet above the ground of the primary airport.

Download Interview PDF

161. What is V2?

takeoff safety speed

162. What is V1?

Take off decision speed

163. What are you ready to do as a pilot for our airline?

What a question, I was ready for the interview but not about that one… Flying airplanes? I knew it was not the answer they wanted. In fact you will be representant of the airline in the network of the airline and you must be social, you must show a positive attitude and you must wear your uniform correctly. A lot of people will be facing you since you will have a lot of responsibilities!

164. Could you please introduce yourself to us?

I have been introducing myself to them first with generic information (Name, Age, From, Family situation) then I went in the review of my school education, where I've been working and then about my pilot training. I've been talking for about 5 minutes. The most difficult thing is to link everything together and to make it interesting. Tell only key information.

165. How your current boss would describe you?

Dedicated team player who wants to make a difference.

166. At what alt. does the speed restriction end in Class B airspace?

At the top of class B . NY goes up to 7000 , DC UP TO 10,000

167. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Check Airman for the company

168. Why working as an airline pilot for our airline instead of another one?

Here is a good question eh, why them? Don't worry, you now know that you will get this question and Internet will certainly help you to have an answer! I remember going on Wikipedia to learn first about the airline itself and how big it was. I went into the very beginning until nowadays. The airline survived to the crisis in 2008 and that was one of my key point (job stability)! Does the airline bought some new airplanes? Does the conditions are good enough? Is that a big friendly family atmosphere? Find out at least three relevant points and explain why you want to work there and nowhere else!