1. How did you meet? When did you meet(exact date)? Was there any engagement ceremony (if yes then attach proof - photograph) what was the date of engagement? Did you meet your fiance in your country or when you were in US or when ur fiance came to your country...all dates applicable?

I met my fiancee through her Aunt(father sister).we
personally met on 15 March 2007.Yes there was a engagement
ceremony.we attached the proof for your consideration. we
got engaged on 31 march 2007.Yes this year my fiancee visit
India from 11 January 2008 to 27 march 2008.During this time
we spent good time with each other.

2. Why are you getting married in you and not in your home country, what about your parents since they wont be able to come or if you apply for their visa it will be a lot more difficult getting their visa? Why not in your home country?

We always think we should not be away from each other as
long as we get married. That's why we decided to apply K1
visa to start our new life together as soon as we get
married in US.

3. Explain your relationship, how did it click or you
decided to get married?

Because we just felt like we cant be away from each other
no more becasue we love each other and appreciate each
other so much

4. Explain Your and your fiances date of birth/age and please remember any other applicable dates?

his date of birth is dec. 12,1963 and mine is may 20 1964
the very first day we met is sept 28,2007

5. Why are you applying for a fiance Visa?


6. Can I postpone the date of interview for K1 visa? I will have university graduation test on the date of interview?


7. What is CRR rates?

CRR Means
Cash Reserve Ratio is a bank regulation that sets the minimum reserves each bank must hold to customer deposits and notes

8. How did you meet your Fiance in USA?

He wrote a letter in Filipinaheart.com ..and he wants to
see me and I meet him in Mall.

9. Tell me about your family - Do you have any brother/sister? Are they Married, about your Mom/Dad? About your Family?

no,i dont have any bro/sis of my own.i m only son of my
parents.my father is a government officer.he works
in ......... and my mother is a senior physics teacher in a
secondary level school.

10. Tell me about your fiances family? Like about her
brothers/sisters, if they are married? If your fiances lives alone or with someone? About your fiances parents?

She has 2bro and 1 sis sis is married and lived at NC with
the family, She lives with her youngest dtr, her mom dies
feb 2008 and she never knew who the father was

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