1. Explain me what do you mean by FOA (Free on air) order?

The seller delivers the goods to the air carrier at the air port of departure. The buyer bears the risk from that moment and payes the air transport cost. The seller bears the cost of materials and making, does not include air freight.

2. Explain me what do you mean by TT (Telephonic transfer) order?

When order quantity is very small and need urgent delivery, in that case, buyer gives purchase contract instead of L/C and sends money to seller bank by TT. After getting money, the seller sends the goods to buyer.

3. Tell me what do you mean by Gusset (Front facing)?

The part which is folded into the inside of the front. This is two types-
☛ Upper front gusset,
☛ Lower front gusset.

4. Tell us how many types of cuff according to style?

Four types -
☛ Notched,
☛ Squared,
☛ Rounded,
☛ Pointed.

5. Tell us what is Compliance?

Compliance means comply something's that is yield to the wishes another. The main aim of compliance is to ensuring the all labour rights and facilities according to the Buyer code of conduct.

6. Explain me what is pattern engineering?

It is the engineering idea which is applied at the time of marking for reducing the consumption of fabric. In this case consumption is reduced by overlapping the patterns or reducing the patterns or dividing the patterns into two parts like cuff, side pocket of pant etc.

7. Tell me what do you mean by garments size?

The size of garments can be expressed by two methods-
☛ Alphabetical expression e.g. S,M,L,XL,XXL
☛ Numerical expression e.g. 38,39,40,41,42(in cm or in inch)

8. Tell me what do you mean by Proforma invoice?

Proforma invoice is temporary commercial invoice, which is send by exporter to importer. It helps to open a letter of credit (L/C) in favor of exporter by importer. It helps the foreign buyer to obtain an import license if it is necessary.

9. Tell us what types of style of collar?

☛ One piece (Banded) collar,
☛ Two piece (banded) collar,
☛ Sport open (no bended) collar.

10. Explain me what are the sections of sewing used for making a shirt?

There are three sections-
☛ Collar section
☛ Cuff section
☛ Body section

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