Operating System (OS) Questions and Answers

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Q - 1 What are the reasons for process termination?

Ans- ☛ Normal completion
☛ Time limit exceeded
☛ Memory unavailable
☛ Bounds violation
☛ Protection error
☛ Arithmetic error
☛ Time overrun
☛ I/O failure
☛ Invalid instruction
☛ Privileged instruction
☛ Data misuse
☛ Operator or OS intervention
☛ Parent termination.

Q - 2 List the sub-components of I/O manager in Windows NT?

Ans- ☛ Network re-director/ Server
☛ Cache manager.
☛ File systems
☛ Network driver
☛ Device driver

Q - 3 Tell me What is executive in Windows NT?

Ans- In Windows NT, executive refers to the operating system code that runs in kernel mode.

Q - 4 Explain DDks?

Ans- DDks are device driver kits, which are equivalent to SDKs for writing device drivers. Windows NT includes DDks.

Q - 6 Tell me What are the rings in Windows NT?

Ans- Windows NT uses protection mechanism called rings provides by the process to implement separation between the user mode and kernel mode.

Q - 7 What is drawback of MVT?

Ans- It does not have the features like:
☛ Ability to support multiple processors
☛ Virtual storage
☛ Source level debugging

Q - 8 List the possible threads a thread can have?

Ans- ☛ Ready
☛ Standby
☛ Running
☛ Waiting
☛ Transition
☛ Terminated

Q - 9 Explain FtDisk in Operating System (OS)?

Ans- It is a fault tolerance disk driver for Windows NT.

Q - 10 Explain an idle thread?

Ans- The special thread a dispatcher will execute when no ready thread is found.

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