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1 :: We have Peachtree Accounting for our business. We just purchased a building and want to know if we can set up a second company to pay the bills and keep track of rents?

Yes create a new company and you can do it in Peachtree as well i am pretty much sure about this:-)
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2 :: How to create an item type using Peachtree software under Item Maintenance?

Just enter the descriptive data in the Item Type field and save the Item itself. The new Item Type will appear as an available entry for any future item creation.
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3 :: How to correct Peachtree File system error 54?

From our experience, when you face file system error 35 while using Peachtree, probably it's caused by the fact that the Peachtree data folder is not available. Here's how to troubleshoot this problem.

Troubleshooting file systerm error 35 on a network:

1. Check if you can browse the network and you have sufficient user rights for the Peachtree data folder
2. Check if you have mapped the Peachtree data as a network drive like P:, make sure P: is present. Otherwise, you need to map the network drive again.
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4 :: How to fix error code 430 when starting a Peachtree Wizard Application?

In most cases a required component was not registered during installtion or during the application update.

To correct this you need to:

1. Restart the computer
2. Close any applications opened on start up.
3. Open Windows Explorer.
4. In the Application Folder double click on the first DLL (If you do not see the 'dll' extension look at the section below) file.
5. If the 'Open With' window pops up click on Other and then select the C:WindowsSystemregsvr32.exe
(If you can not find this file click regsvr32.exe.)
6. Put a check mark next to 'Always use this program to open this type of file.'.
7. Select the regsvr32 or Microsoft Register Server file from the list. Click Ok.
8. The message box should say 'succeeded.' then click OK.
9. Double Click on all files that end with dll except wizsys.dll.
10. Restart the Computer.

If you can not see the file extensions:

1. From Windows Explorer, Click on View, Folder Options.
2. Click on the View Tab.
3. Under Hidden Files: Click next to Show All Files.
4. Remove the check mark next to 'Hide file extensions for known file types.'
5. Click Ok.
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5 :: Can Peachtree help to track costs of projects?

In the Peachtree products, job tracking is a standard feature. Peachtree Complete, Time & Billing has a more detailed job costing features, which allows phase and cost codes.
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