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Q - 2 What is the origin of socialogy?

Ans- The word sociology (or sociologie) is derived from the Latin: socius, "companion"; -ology, "the study of", and Greek λόγος, l?, "word", "knowledge". It was first coined in 1780 by the French essayist Emmanuel Joseph Sieyes (1748?1836) in an unpublished manuscript. Sociology was later developed by the philosopher, Auguste Comte (1798?1857), in 1838.
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Q - 3 Tell me What are the various uses for break-even analysis?

Ans- Such analysis allows the firm to determine at what level of operations it will break even (earn zero profit) and to explore the relationship between volume, costs, and profits. It helps the management that at current costs of products how many numbers of units must be sold to recover the cost of producing the product.

For Example: If you spend, $200 on producing a product and selling price is $20 then you must sale 10 units to recover the cost of product.

It also helps the management to determine how much of units to be sold to get desired profit on product. For example: if in the above example you want to earn $20 profit then add it to it's cost of $200 and it will become $220 now you need to earn profit of this $20 you need to sale 11 items of product.
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Q - 4 Can you explain What can you do about tourists use of natural resources?

Ans- Countries have to legislate so that new tourist developments satisfy environmental safeguards. All development must be sustainable.

1) There must be no pollution into waterways and oceans.

2) Garbage and sewage must be collected and recycled as much as possible.

3) Tourist movements into natural areas must be limited so the numbers do not do any damage to the environment.

4) Building must blend into the natural environment.

5) There must be legal deforestation (e.g., cutting down rainforests to build a golf course).

6) New resorts and gardens must not put too great a demand on water and other natural resources.
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Q - 5 Tell me What are the effects of globalization on Indian industry?

Ans- Indian industry has progressed a lot due to globalization. A lot of improvement has been seen in Indian industry.
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