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# 1 Journal Entries are recorded on a double entry system ie debit and credit concept. In order to record a journal entry the following steps need to be followed.
► Enter the Journal entry number
► Enter the Date of transaction
► Enter the Debit item (as per the golden principles of accountancy)
► Enter the corresponding GL folio number
► Enter the Debit amount
► Enter the credit item(as per the golden principles of accountancy)
► Enter the amount in the credit column
► Provide a brief description of the transaction
► leave a single line before next transaction
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What is an Accounts receivables?How we are going to close AR Periods?
Where we are going to use Accounting Rules what are the setups for that?
Know we are having 100 Transactions in AR. Know we want to close 50 Transactions How?
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Accounts Receivable (AR) Job Interview Question

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