1. What is deferred tax?

A tax liability that a company has to pay but does not pay at that current point and it will be responsible for paying it in future is termed a deferred tax. Deferred tax occurs due to the difference in a company's balance sheet, due to the differences between accounting practices and tax regulations.

2. What is tax audit?

A tax audit is assessment of an organization's or individual's tax return by Internal Revenue Service (IRS) in order to find out that the income and deductions are recorded accurately.

3. What is Fringe Benefit Tax?

FBT stands for Fringe Benefit Tax which is a tax that an employer has to pay in respect of the benefits that are given to his/her employees.
Fringe benefits is something that an employer provides to his employees in addition to the cash salary. Fringe Benefit Tax is payable in lieu of the value of fringe benefits provided or deemed to have been provided by an employer to his employees during the previous year.

4. What is Tax refund?

The excess tax paid by an individual than the actual owed is returned by the government which is known as tax refund. After taking into consideration income tax, with holdings, tax deductions or credits and other factors, you file income tax for the year, after that you will receive a tax refund.

5. Tell me what is capital gain?

Capital gains means the profit earned from the sale of an asset. When the Capital Asset is being sold or transferred, the profit or gains arising out of it or you can term that as the difference between the actual price at which the asset was acquired and the price at which it is sold or transferred.

6. What are long term capital gains?

A long-term capital gain is the profit that arises with the sale of an asset that has been on hold for a definite period. This period ranges from one year to three years across different asset classes.

7. What is hotel taxation?

Assessment for hotel tax is made during every financial year on the basis of return documents filed, inspection carried by the field staff and after giving the representative of the hotel an opportunity of being heard. Assessment order is issued and demand is raised in demand register.

8. Explain motor registration fee and taxation?

Motor vehicle Tax is levied on every motor vehicle registered in any district with registration fee. Vehicle registration involves the recording of a motor vehicle in the official records after due verification. Vehicle registration is mandatory/compulsory under the law and is essential to prove the ownership of a vehicle. It is also required during the sale of a vehicle and transfer of its ownership.

9. What is considered as accrued income?

Income which has been earned but not yet received is known as accrued income. Income is recorded in the same accounting period in which it is earned rather than in the subsequent period in which it will be received.

10. Who is resident but not ordinary resident?

A resident but not ordinary resident is the one who is not the resident in country for 9 out of the 10 preceding previous years or he has during the 7 preceding years been in country for a period of or period amounting to 729 days or less.

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