1. Why should you conduct research on your ideal job for writing a career summary?

The more closely you can target your profile to the employer's needs, the better your results will be. Start by searching jobs for your ideal position. Compare the ads and write a list of common job requirements and preferred qualifications.

2. Why is it good to list your technical proficiencies?

It is good to use technical specifics in your descriptions to convey real and relevant knowledge. Incorporate each technical detail into short descriptions of no more than 2-3 words.

3. Why is a career summary important?

It is important to take the time to write a career summary that is a strong match with your jobs of interest.

4. What is a professional career summary?

A professional career summary in a resume exists to attract the attention of employers. It gives a brief summary of your experience and skill, with emphasis on what the employer might want to see first.

5. Why should you rewrite your professional career summary?

Carefully write and rewrite the summary for optimal results. In a few clear words describe your experience, accomplishments, primary and secondary skills, job objectives and personal characteristics.

6. How would you use professional career summary to your advantage?

Write an effective summary and put it right at the top of your resume. Immediately command attention with relevance and vitality.

7. Why should you know your company for writing professional career summary?

Use your knowledge of the company you want to work for. Do a bit of research and it will not be time wasted.

8. How should you keep professional career summary short?

The first difficulty with summaries like these is that, being summaries, they will probably not include everything you might at first want to say about yourself.
But this can work to your advantage. In 3 to 4 short sentences, the summary should include that part of your expertise which is most relevant to the specific position.

9. List some tips for writing the professional career summary?

Here are first quick tips for writing the professional career summary section in a resume:
☛ Keep it short
☛ Know your company
☛ List your technical proficiencies
☛ Rewrite summary

10. What information should you include in your career summary?

Include a balanced mixture of:
☛ Years of experience, including the scope of your experience.
☛ Relevant educational degrees, certifications, special training, etc.
☛ Specific accomplishments and/or recognition.
☛ Skills and experience that set you apart from the competition.
☛ Areas of expertise in your specific career field.

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