1. Explain me what is customer service?

This question seeks to find out whether the interviewee has a good grasp of the field and what is involved. Most of the information required to answer this question will be learnt through theory classes. This will show how well the applicant qualified in their theory examinations. In answering such a question, the applicant can define what customer service is and what the staff members in a customer service department do on a daily basis. They should also outline that there are different levels of customer service and briefly state the benefits of good and efficient customer services.

2. Tell us what are your goals as a telemarketer?

My goal is to have a very short learning curve on this particular product portfolio. By doing this, I can aim to be among the top performers in the next 3-6 months. After showing consistent results for another 6 to 12 months, I will aim to become a team leader in the same company because I believe that growing with the same company will give me a strong foundation for my career growth.

3. Tell me how would you respond if you didn't know the answer to a question?

A great candidate for a customer service position should have a strong answer for this one ready to go, as this is an unavoidable part of the job. No matter how much training a customer service rep gets, there are always going to be questions they don't know how to answer, and they need to be able to deal with that.

4. Explain are you able to work with multiple phone lines?

Yes, this has been part of my training, and my previous job entailed handling several lines. I have good multi-tasking skills and my previous employer can vouch for this.

5. Tell me what would you do if a customer was rude to you?

I would try to keep a happy and calm demeanor with them while trying to assist them with whatever they need. In this type of situation, I could think about customers who are friendly to keep my mood positive.
If I was dealing with them one-on-one I would try my best to help them without giving into their rudeness. I would smile and be as friendly as possible.

6. Explain me how many calls per hour can you make on an average campaign?

Make sure you do your homework/research before you answer: My average call handle time was about X minutes at my previous job. On a similar campaign I can typically make 60/X calls per hour. On a predictive dialer I can usually make 10 to 20 percent more calls.

7. Tell me what would you do if your replacement didn't show up?

I would first try to get in contact with my replacement to see if he is on his way. I would then tell my manager about the situation to see if anyone else could relieve me in the meantime. Then, I would wait until a replacement came.
I wouldn't leave the store understaffed. I would call my manager to let him know the problem and see if a quick solution could be found.

8. What do you consider ethical spending on an expense account?

It depends on the role - but the better way to answer this is to ask the interviewer what their expectations are with regards to what the role can expense and then simply state that you'll stay within those parameters

9. Tell me what do you know about our products and services?

Customer service is all about handling customers on issues relating to the products of a business. As such, the staff members in this department should be conversant with a lot of information relating to the products. The interviewer will want to find out if the interviewee has an interest in their job and how much research they have done before applying for the position. When answering such customer service interview questions, the interviewee should indicate an understanding of the business environment, nature of operations and target and existing markets for the business.

10. You are not given the tools you need to be successful. How would you change that?

State a business case to your manager / leader as to why you need the tools and make the request for them.

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