1. Explain what is your ultimate goal in life?

Eventually, I'd like to be wealthy enough to not have to work and I want to open up animal shelters. I always helped injured animals when I was younger and I loved when they got better and we set them free again.

2. Tell me can my pets stay at the pet sitter's home instead of my home?

Some pet sitters do offer boarding services. Boarding availability may be limited to certain types of pets, since special licensing and additional insurance may be required of the pet sitter.

3. Anything else you'd like to share with us now?

I really love animals, and would love to have a job caring for them while people are away. When I am away, I make sure my cat has the very best, and I feel that I can do this for other people's pets.

5. Tell me what is vacation pet sitting service?

If your pet sitting service provider offers vacation service, that means that the pet sitter is available to visit your pets if you go out of town on a trip, such as on a vacation or a business trip.

During this time, a pet sitter will make scheduled visits to your home. Often these are scheduled to start between pre-determined time slots (such as 6am-8am, 2pm-4pm, 8pm-9pm, etc) that will best fit your pets.

6. Explain what constitutes the perfect Sunday morning?

The perfect sunday morning would be to get up extra early to watch the sun rise while i go jogging. Would be great if i had a dog with me.

Waking up with my cat curled up next to me then proceeding to watch tv.

7. Tell us should our pet sitter be insured?

You should definitely select a pet sitter who is insured for liability. It is important that their coverage includes care, custody, and control of the pet. Pet sitters can provide proof of coverage, or a phone number you can call to verify they are currently insured.

8. Do you know how long is a visit?

Each sitter determines what length of visits they will offer (such as 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour, etc). Homes with multiple pets will often require longer visits than homes with only one animal.

9. Tell us how do you communicate when you are unsatisfied?

I told her that I always communicate any sort of discontent or disagreements I may have.

10. Tell me what profession would you not like to attempt?

Working at the DMV where people are paying lots of money for something like parking tickets and always waiting in line.

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