1. What are the things which you should keep in mind while answering the dream job question?

These things you should keep in mind while answering the dream job question:
☛ Do not be over-ambitious
☛ Be realistic
☛ Keep it relevant
☛ Do not undersell yourself
☛ Avoid mentioning job titles

2. What are the dream jobs which you did not hear about?

Here are some of the dream jobs which you never knew:
☛ Stand-In
☛ Gumologist
☛ Chocolatier
☛ Personal Shopper
☛ Tea Taster
☛ Voice Actor
☛ Waterslide Tester
☛ Netflix Tagger

3. Please tell me about your dream job?

Ideally, your response to the question should reference some elements of the job you're applying for. For example, if the position is a customer service job, you might say that your dream job would have a high level of interaction with customers.

4. Tell me about waterslide tester dream job?

While we wish it was a more high demand position, it appears water slide tester positions only come around once in a blue moon. Sebastian Smith, reported to be the first water slide tester, was employed by First Choice holidays in 2013 to travel the world's water parks and give reviews on slides and venues. This sounds like getting paid to vacation, which is a pretty unbeatable dream job.

5. Tell me what is a netflix tagger dream job?

If you have never dreamed of getting paid to watch TV, you might not be human. Netflix tagging has brought this dream to the real world. In this position, employees watch content on Netflix, then enter key describing words into the system for each show. By tagging media in Netflix with keywords, it's easier for users to search for shows they want. Which means you get paid to watch TV and making the world a better place.

6. What is a voice actor dream job?

Much like regular actors, voice actors are the personalities behind animated films and TV shows. While making funny voices all day seems perfect, do not forget that they never appear on camera, so they can also show up in pajamas. Traditional voice actors do make less than their more famous counterparts, though mucking about in front of microphone every day sounds fun enough to do for free.

7. Can you tell me if you know what is tea taster dream job?

Just what the name says, a tea taster gets paid to sip tea all day. Tasters are expected to taste upwards of 200 cups of tea a day and must be versed in every type of tea imaginable. Along with the delicious job description, tea tasters are required to travel around the world to test new suppliers and products.

8. Tell me about personal shopper dream job?

Personal shopper is the perfect position for any and every shopaholic. Personal shoppers usually work with one person and are in charge of constantly maintaining a jaw-dropping wardrobe. Common among celebrities and high-powered business people, personal shoppers can also work for fashion magazines. This position is one of the higher earning ones on the list, making it a true dream job.

9. Tell me what is chocolatier dream job?

If you love making something out of nothing, working in food might be for you. However, possibly the most playful food industry jobs are in desserts. Like the name suggests, chocolatiers work exclusively with chocolate, crafting incredible treats, desserts and candies to delight customers of all ages. Getting paid to do arts and crafts with chocolate does not sound too bad, especially when this dream job must make so many people happy.

10. What is a gumologist dream job?

Gumologist is every kid's dream position, which pretty much involves what you think it would. A tester of all things hubba and bubba, gumologists review new products and developments for chewing gum companies. Despite their tiny size, each piece of gum is packed with research, putting the gumologist on the front lines of keeping kids happy. A pretty sweet dream job in the grand scheme of things.

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