1. Tell me about important information regarding preparation of call center job?

-The first thing to focus on is to gain a Neutral Accent . Develop your spoken english in such a way that regional tone does not come in.

-Use GOOD English.

-Develop your emotional stability. Try to stay cool , no matter what the situation is.

-Always be customer oriented when you answer the questions.

-Last but not the least , YOUR ATTITUDE !!!!! IT COUNTS !!! REALLY COUNTS !!!

2. Define a field in the DERIVED as field name and in the record field in which you want to have dynamic prompt table,create a prompt table for the field as % prompt field where prompt field name is same as the field name in the DERIVED record?

1. Create a new field and add the field to any of the Derived Record.
2. Open the Record and goto field to which you want to Prompt and enter prompt table as '%name of Variable' defined on derived record.
3. You have to keep the derived Field on panel and hide it, Otherwise you will get error while accessing the panel.
4. In SrarchInit/Rowinit PeopleCode, Assign the name of the Record definition to the Prompt variable.

3. Describe THREE counter-measures that an information systems manager may put in place to counter these types of security threat?

Organizational Security Policy should be in place, followed, audited, drill test.

System should clearly speak about : Identity Management, Patch Management, Backup Management, Virus, Antispyware softwares should be in place and updated regularly. For a large Information Based Organisation DMZ setup.

Secure your information infrastructure, and conduct vulnerability test.

4. Describe THREE examples of deliberate breaches of security in an information system?


Staff misuses information

Un Authorized Access of Outsider

Computer Theft and Fraud

Missing Backup Tapes

Fraud Account Created

Identity Theft

7. Describe how the development oin IT from stand-alone computers to modern networked distributed systems have resulted in information systems which may be vulnerable to security breaches?

Stand Alone Computer.

Diskless / Thin Client and Server Environment

Client / Server Environment

Peer to Peer Network Environment

Cluster Server and Thin Client Environment

Distributed Computing Environment

8. Would you rather write a report or give a verbal report? Why?

People may get on with heavy arguements with this topic,but in my perspective i quote a proverb which goes like "Writing is the best way to get into others heart".so, friends writing a report takes you apart from any verbal