1. Define your performance in management?

✫ Identify the challenges to effective performance management
✫ Understand and conduct performance planning, facilitation and evaluation
✫ Practice the skill of setting goals, providing effective feedback and conducting alignment discussions

2. Tell me about your effectivness in communication?

✫ Recognize what effective communication really is.
✫ Understand the communication process.
✫ Know the barriers that can cause derailment and misunderstanding.
✫ Identify the relative importance of face-to-face communication.
✫ Get a firm grasp of the five building blocks of managerial communication.
✫ Learn to match the right communication method with your communication goal.
✫ Identify the challenges and practices when communicating virtually.

3. How you can communicate with your senior management?

Frame your ideas in strategic business language, speak and understand the language of senior managers - make a professional impression.

4. How you can developed and present business plans?

Professional business planning techniques - include the elements your management team needs to make a decision and commit resources.

5. How you can presentate skills through different media?

Increase your business presentation skills and impact using different communication media effectively to achieve your goals.

6. List the benefits in management skill programme?

✫ Build and manage a cohesive high-performing team in an international environment
✫ Establish fair processes for people management
✫ Build trust, respect and accountability
✫ Conduct performance reviews confidently and effectively
✫ Coach, give and receive feedback professionally
✫ Manage performance, motivation and reward
✫ Manage development, promotions and mobility

7. Described limits with the right development?

There are no limits with the right development. Every business professional and every business are dealing with lightning-fast change and long-term uncertainty. Only the strongest will survive. Make sure you are prepared for the challenges ahead. Having robust skills in multiple areas opens up a whole new world of possibilities for success. You will adapt more easily, deal with shortcomings, collaborate more successfully and become far more valuable to your organization.

8. Described a typical business profile of people who face international environment issues?

You are a manager who is in charge of a team, department or function in an international company. You might be new to the role or have been in the role for a while but you want to improve your people management skills, to make your team more responsible and to get higher performance out of your team.

9. Described time and stress management for you?

Discover methods and tools that help you better manage your priorities and time.

10. How to lead international teams?

Manage complex communication, build collaborative trust and focus people on the results.

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