1. Tell me why do you want a career as an assistant general counsel?

Career advancement and development to pursue next level of achievement.

2. Tell me what do you consider are your main strengths?

Remember the job description or information you have been provided with, and consider where your key strengths overlap with those that the employer is looking for.

3. What have your achievements been to date in Legal Counsel?

Working in legal and compliance sector which is my dream job.

7. Explain me a criticism that spurred you into a positive action?

Again, employers need to see that you are resilient, and eager to learn, especially in the earlier stages of your career.

8. A thorough exploration of the technical skills outlined in CV?

If you have included certain cases on your CV, then it goes without saying that you should be able to field questions about the technical aspects of any of those matters.

9. Explain me what is your philosophy towards the work?

Task completion by any means necessary.... Whatever it takes to get the job done.

10. Tell me what do you consider are your weaker areas?

It is natural to have weaknesses, but can you show how you have worked on these to turn them into strengths?

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