1. How do you react to problems?

I don't react to problems, but acknowledge their existence and respond to them in a calm manner. Reacting to a problem causes a panic and the problem does not get resolved until everyone calms down, accepts the situation and then focuses on a resolution.

2. What set you apart from other candidates?

I think just being very positive and outgoing. I feel like a lot of my coworkers there were the same way, so it made it a really nice work environment. And I think that's probably what set me apart.

3. Tell me what is your viewpoint of management?

I believe the main goal of any management position is to get things done by evenly distributing the workload to the most qualified members of the team. They also make sure that each member of the team has all the resources and training that are necessary to complete the job.

4. Explain me how would you tackle the first 90 days?

Unless asked to do so, do not get specific on changes or initiatives you would make. Instead, think of your response as an operating framework that demonstrates you have a solid, realistic understanding of what needs to be done and how.

5. Tell us what is your definition of failure?

For starters, failure is an event and not a person and you only fail if you quit and I'm not a quitter. I may not complete a project on time or miss an important deadline, but that does not qualify as having failed in my book. If I complete a task, but miss a deadline, I still consider it a success because I finished, but without the desired result.

6. Explain a success you've had as a manager?

In my last job, I set a goal of increasing annual sales by 20%. That was a significant achievement in the competitive market in which the company operates.

7. Please explain your job title and primary duties?

I was a ramp agent, and your primary duties are to bring in incoming planes that arrive at the airport, download the luggage, cargo, and mail, upload the new luggage, cargo, and mail, and then get the plane out on time.

8. What do you know about managing budgets as Manager Airfield?

Operations managers are typically involved in budget planning. Their goal is to learn how much has already been spent, how much will be spent, and how to spend the remaining budget so as to acquire necessary resources within budget limits. Operations managers may be even involved in financial issues such as loans for the company.

9. Explain me how would your co-workers describe you?

My co-workers will tell you that I am a team player and a colleague they can count on to pull his weight whether it's a normal day or we're in a crunch.

10. Explain me how do you assess your decision-making ability?

Making decisions requires level-headedness. I am against making hasty decisions. When in doubt, I recommend waiting with the decision and gathering more data. When it is highly likely that the decision is the right one, one should make the decision decisively and move forward without hesitation.

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