1. Tell me why did you choose PA over a doctor?

► I want the flexibility that comes with being a PA while still giving excellent care for my patients.
► I feel that one of the best things about being a PA is that you don't have to specialize in a particular field. PA's can practice general medicine as well as change specialties throughout their careers. I also think that Pas have the opportunity to spend more time with patients and develop strong relationships.

2. Explain what you know about Physician Assistants?

I know that Physician Assistants work under a phsyician. They can do many things such as diagnose illnesses, perform minor surgeries, perform medical histories and examinations, suture small wounds, cast broken body parts and much more. They may work in many settings from geriatrics, obstetrics, pediatrics and surgery to the emergency room.

3. What are two major ethical issues facing the medical field today?

Abortion will always be an issue, however, a very interesting issue that I have recently come across in practice is that of whether or not to force a religious based hospital to provide medical care such as contraception or procedures for sterility. Another ethical issue I see daily is that of overpriced medications. I have run into this issue daily with the limits our patients put on their own medications only being able to afford generics.

4. What types of people you find most difficult to work with?

The people that are most difficult for me to work with are those who refuse to do their share of the work. I prefer working with people who have integrity in their work and perform tasks even when they think no one is looking. For me, it is frustrating and difficult to work with someone who dislikes team effort and doing their part.

5. How will you control your stress and handle patients with care and integrity?

By establishing a good rapport with my patients. i find that patients are very forgiving if you have established a good relationship.

6. What practice you observed?

I was in a small practice with one Dermatologist and his Physician Assistant. Both the doctor and PA performed procedures, treated a variety of skin conditions, and offered cosmetic procedures as well. We worked with a diverse population, and in my time there I learned the necessary skills to perform autonomously those same procedures.

7. When did you make this decision to be a PA?

I realized that my chance of being a surgeon is almost zero.So I searched through other programs and found this program as clearly consistent with my experience and interests.

8. Tell me are you aware of the multifaceted nature of Physicians?

I beleive that be versatile is ine of the many attributes that people who work into the medical field should have.

9. What are the last two non-academic books you have read?

Death Comes to Pemberley by PD James The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks.

10. Tell me what you know of my medical practice?

Works under the supervision of a doctor. treats basic injuries , interprets charts and labs, speaks to patients.

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