1. Explain me do you have any experience in material buying?

I have experience in selecting and picking products for shipment based on purchase orders after inspecting each unit and verifying the ordered quantity.

2. Tell me what is a Disadvantaged Business?

A small business which is owned or controlled by a majority of persons, not limited to members of minority groups, who have been deprived of the opportunity to develop and maintain a competitive position in the economy because of social disadvantages.

3. Tell me what tools/techniques do you use in motivating employees?

Two of the steps that you can take are to establish expectations, get employees involved by making them part of the improvement process.

4. Tell me what knowledge is must have for a material handler?

Knowledge regarding safety procedures to be followed in material handling, OSHA workplace safety guidelines and equipment operation procedures is must for a material handler.

5. Tell me what basic precautions must you take while handling hazardous material?

To ensure safe handling of hazardous material, a material handler must always use PPE and pay special attention to MSDS details. Using all materials only for their intended purpose, ensuring proper storage of all materials and remaining alert and vigilant also count.

6. Tell us what is a bonded warehouse?

A warehouse operated under U.S. Customs supervision to store imported goods.

7. Explain which kind of machinery/equipment you can use?

I am adept at operating forklift, pallet jack, wire cutting equipment, and shrink wrap machines. In addition, I can also drive light van and delivery vehicles.

8. Tell me what do the words "shall" and "may" mean?

The word shall denotes the imperative and the word may denotes the permissive.

9. Explain the term “factory overhead”?

During the manufacturing process, whatever the cost is incurred during the process is referred as “factory overhead”, excluding the cost of materials and direct labours.

10. Do you know how are inventory turns calculated?

A method used to calculate inventory turns is to divide the average inventory level into the annual cost of goods.

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