1. Explain VC agent?

VC agent is an agent installed on ESX server which enables communication between VC and ESX server.
The daemon associated with it is called vmware-hostd , and the service which corresponds to it is called as mgmt-vmware, in the event of VC agent failure just restart the service by typing the following command at the service console.

2. Explain forged transmits?

When we create a virtual machine the configuration wizard generates a MAC address for that machine, you can see it in the .vmx (VM Config) file. If it doesn't matches with the MAC address in the OS this setting does not allow outgoing traffic from the VM. So by setting Reject Option both MAC addresses will be remains same, and the outgoing traffic will be allowed from the VM.

3. Explain VMKernel?

VMWare Kernel is a Proprietary kernel of vmwareand is not based on any of the flavors of Linux operating systems,. VMkernel requires an operating system to boot and manage the kernel. A service console is being provided when VMWare kernel is booted. Only service console is based up on Redhat Linux OS not VMkernel.

4. What are the files that make a Virtual Machine?

1) .vmx - Virtual Machine Configuration File
2) .nvram - Virtual Machine BIOS
3) .vmdk - Virtual Machine Disk file
4) .vswp - Virtual Machine Swap File
5) .vmsd - Virtual Machine Snapshot Database
6) .vmsn - Virtual Machine Snapshot file
7) .vmss - Virtual Machine Suspended State file
8) .vmware.log - Current Log File
9) .vmware-#.log - Old Log file

5. List the different types of partitions in ESX server?

1) / -root
2) Swap
3) /var
4) /Var/core
5) /opt
6) /home
7) /tmp

6. Describe the use of VMKernel port?

Vmkernel port is used by ESX/ESXi for vmotion, ISCSI & NFS communications. ESXi uses Vmkernel as the management network since it don't have service console built with it.

7. Explain the types of ports groups in ESX/ESXi?

There are 3 types of port groups in ESX
1) Service console port group
2) VMkernel Port group
3) Virtual machine port group

There are only 2 types of port group in ESXi
1) Vmkernel Port group
2) Virtual Machine Port group

8. Define vCenter agent?

VC agent is an agent installed on ESX server which enables communication between VC and ESX server. This Agent will be installed on ESX/ESXi will be done when you try to add the ESx host in Vcenter.

9. Explain service console?

The service console is developed based up on Redhat Linux Operating system, it is used to manage the VMKernel.

10. How edit VI client Settings and VC Server Settings?

Click Edit Menu on VC and Select Client Settings to change VI settings
Click Administration Menu on VC and Select VC Management Server Configuration to Change VC Settings.

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