Anaesthesia Job Interview Questions:

Submitted by: Muhammad
► Tell me about your CV
► Tell me about your orthopaedic anaesthesia experience
► Tell me about the GIC course you attended; did you find it useful?
► How do you evaluate your teaching sessions?
► How would you advise me to collect my CPD points in line with the new GMC revalidation process/RCOA matrix?
► What is the best intervention that affected anaesthesia in your lifetime?
► The hospital covers a huge geographical area - how would you most effectively staff a pre-op assessment clinic attached to an outreach orthopaedic OPD clinic?
► Why are anaesthetists involved in pre-op assessment?
► In which ways would you improve productivity without spending more money ?
► Tell me about an audit youve done, relevant to this hospital, that has led to improvements.
► Why are you competitive?
► Patient in recovery in fast AF. How would you manage it?
► Patient in pre-op for elective hip replacement, 9 months after insertion of drug eluting stent - what would you advise?
► How would you introduce a new idea when you start as a consultant?
► We are a small department and have to work together. Tell me about teamwork
► How much blood loss per hour is there from a revision hip replacement?

Submitted by: Muhammad

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