Anaesthetics (Interest in Pain) Consultant Interview Questions:

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► Tell us how your training has helped you to apply for this job (other than Pain)?
► What is your opinion about the decreasing time for training nowadays?
► What are the recent NICE guidelines on pain management? Will you follow those guidelines?
► Why do you want to take this job and why in this region?
► Do you think the NICE committee is fairly representing all stakeholders?
► Epidural steroids are not licensed for use. If you were taken to court on this matter, how would you defend yourself?
► Why do you want to do the Irish Fellowship in Pain when you already have the British Fellowship?
► You are interviewed by the media about the role of the anaesthetist. How will you explain it to the public?
► Tell me about the WHO checklist.
► Give me examples of your previous encounter with management officials.
► Have you done anything to improve services in any of the hospitals you have worked in before?
► Have you ever filled a critical incident form?
► Can you talk about root-cause analysis?
► Discuss one thing which impressed you most and one which depressed you most about the NHS in the past 10 years.
► Tell us about communication.
► How do you reduce the anxiety of patients and relatives pre-surgery?
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