Anaesthetics (Trauma interest) Consultant Interview Questions:

Submitted by: Muhammad
☛ Talk me through your career to date.
☛ What added value do you have to offer to this department and what is your 5-year career plan?
☛ A surgeon whom you work with regularly always arrives late for the afternon list, meaning that staff and you regulalry stay late to finish. What do you do?
☛ I want to set up a trauma fellowship. How can you help me and how woud go about it?
☛ I am the Clinical Director. I have a problem with 2 consultants. I have received a number of complaints from colleagues about Consultant A and the same number of complaints from patients about Consultant B. Which ones should I take more seriously and why? What should I do about both as their manager?
☛ How can you demonstrate quality in your practice?
☛ How can you save 3% of your costs in Anaesthesia?
Submitted by: Muhammad

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