Cardiology (Electrophysiology) Consultant Interview Questions:

Submitted by: Muhammad
► Why do you want to work at this hospital?
► Tell us about your fellowship
► How did they keep the staff happy at that institution?
► What have you heard about PCTs funding AF ablation?
► Who will you need to talk to when asking for funding for AF ablation?
► How will you construct your argument for funding AF ablation?
► Tells us about a complication during a procedure that you had.
► What will you do in the first 6 months at this trust?
► What is your first peer reviewed grant that you will put in?
► What is the difference in applying to an AHSC, or to a FT?
► What is the difference between a SL position and a Consultant position.
► How do you deal with an underperforming colleague.
► How does the hospital as a whole deal with the outside community.
► Name an instance when you have saved money for the hospital you have worked in.
► If all your colleagues were in the room what would they say your strengths were?
► And your weaknesses?
► On a scale where one end is value and the other is results, where do you put yourself?
► What is the tariff for AF ablation?

Submitted by: Muhammad

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