Do you know what are relevant tools for tracking social media success?

Submitted by: Muhammad
It is very essential to track Social Media success to know if you are advancing on the right path. Relevant metrics that can be used to track social media success can be:

☛ Google Analytics is an ideal way to measure how much traffic is being directed to your website from the various social media channels

☛ Reviewing the quality and relevance of the content of your business. Monitor unique page views, time on page and total pages viewed

☛ Observe share of voice which is nothing but the conversations about a company versus with that of your competitor's. Share of voice can be obtained by a simple formula = company's mentions on social media platforms/ competitor's mentions on the same. You can use a free tool, SocialMention for the deriving the same

☛ Tracking the total size of community and engagement using a social CRM tool

☛ Tracking your Social Media Returns on the efforts you put. Add up the totals of your positive, neutral or negative mentions and measure them over time.
Submitted by: Muhammad

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