ENT (Paediatric interests) Consultant Interview Questions:

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► You have a lot on your CV. How do you manage your time?
► What can you do to improve the provision of children's services in the hospital?
► Do you have enough experience to cope with a young child's airway e.g. have you got experience of performing neonatal / paediatric tracheostomy?
► How would you improve our relationship with GPs?
► How would you improve our relationship with the PCT?
► The demand for outpatients has gone up by 50% in one month, but the conversion rate to inpatient admission has not changed. What do you think about this?
► How do you deal with criticism?
► Have you ever caused harm to a patient? How do you know you are safe?
► How does serving the individual conflict with serving the population?
► Tell me about your best publication?
► Tell me what your role would be in teaching?
► What is your best professional achievement?
► What are your plans for the department? Where do you see yourself in 5 years' time?
► What do you think the challenges will be as a new consultant?
► How would you convince a patient you have never met that you are safe?
► How do you deal with a difficult patient?
► Tell me abou the feedback you have had from patients?
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