Explain me a brief note about crane and LE?

Submitted by: Muhammad
1. Only authorized and competent person should operated cranes
2. The correct sling must be used for the load to be lifts
3. Lifting equipment must be certified from competent authority and mark with its SWL
4. Never be used for loads excess of its SWL
5. Cables and slings must be padded when passing over sharp edges of equipments
6. Check the condition of the ground before parking the crane and use out riggers
7. All moving parts must be guarded
8. Uncertified chains, ropes, slings and hooks should not be use
9. All slings to be inspected by third party inspectors
10. Never stand or work under a suspended load
11. Place the out riggers on firms ground
12. Guide ropes shall be used to control swing of lifted material
13. Never operate the crane at the time of speed wing
14. Lifting over live equipment should not be encouraged
15. The crane should under go periodical maintenance as per manufactures
Submitted by: Muhammad

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