GUM / HIV Consultant Interview Questions:

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► Describe your training to date.
► What are the barriers to undergraduate teaching?
► In a few sentences, compare and contrast this job with your ideal job.
► A patient sees you for benefits and divulges that he has had sex with a consultant colleague. How would you approach this?
► The move to our new location may potentially result in clinical demand which outstrips capacity. In what ways might we cope with this?
► This is a brand new clinical service in an area of high need that has never had a sexual health service before/ What opportunities do you see for the development of the service?
► What single change would you make to sexual health services which would have the biggest impact?
► How would you ensure that sexual health services remain a priority if there is no NSF?
► A 15-year old single mother is diagnosed HIV positive. What are the issues?
► What do you understand by Information Governance?
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