General Principal Interview Questions:

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► Please introduce yourself, tell us about your background in education and what interested you in applying for this opening.
► Data is a large part of determining student and teacher success. Explain your involvement in professional learning communities and how you have used data to promote student achievement.
► We are community growing in diversity. Explain how you would reach out to people from various demographics to ensure all students and community members are included in learning.
► What is your philosophy of teaching? What advice would you offer teachers whom you are supervising?
► Principal positions require intense time-management. Please give examples of how you organize your day to meet the various demands and commitments required as a school principal.
► Conflict-resolution and communication are important parts of school leadership. Can you give examples of how you have successfully managed difficult situations at school?
► What is your philosophy of leadership? How would you lead a school-wide initiative expected for an entire district?
► What questions, clarifications, or concerns do you have for us?
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