Oncology (Breast & Urology) Consultant Interview Questions:

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► Tell us about your Research Fellowship in Canada.
► How does the Canadian system compare to the UK system?
► What are the pros and cons of MDTs?
► MDTs may involve sharing patient images and scans. What are your views regarding potential problems with this sharing?
► How should we implement new radiotherapy technologies?
► What model should we employ in setting up satellite RT centres? Resident doctors or visiting doctors with extended roles for other professionals?
► If you extend roles, where would you draw the line? Should radiographers prescrive RT?
► Does palliative RT lend itself to delivery of a satellite centre?
► How would you set up an acute oncology service?
► What are your general thoughts on audits?
► How would you prioritise what needs auditing?
► What is your experience of patient reported outcome measures? Would the results of these influence your practice?
► You only had 3 publications in peer reviewed journals before going to Canada. Do you think that is acceptable?
► Seeing as clinical oncologists need to know everything a medical oncologist does and then more, do we need to increase the length of clinical oncology training?
► Should we split into radiation oncology and medical oncology in the UK?
► Are there any things that our centre could learn from yours?
► How is the critical care in your hospital run?
► What are the problems you envisage for stand alone cancer centres in the future?
► You will need to train SpRs. How will you deal with an SpR who is underperforming?
► This post involves working closely in a team with two other consultants. What are your perceived advantages and disadvantages of this approach?
► An article in the NEJM indicates the Cancer Plan wasn't working despite a massive investment of money. What is you opinion?
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