Paediatric Anaesthesia/PICU Consultant Interview Questions:

Submitted by: Muhammad
► Can you tell me how your training has prepared you for a post as a Consultant in Paediatric Anaesthesia?
► Panel requested more detail on a couple of audits
► This is not an academic post but how will you contribute to academic anaesthesia at this trust?
► In 5 years time, a post for a Senior Clinical Lecturer in Undergraduate training is advertised. Would you be interested?
► You are in theatre with a diaphragmatic hernia when another surgeon tells you he has a really sick neonate in NICU with NEC. How will you manage this?
► You are repairing a hernia thoracoscopically when you suddenly find the child's CO2 goes up. How will you manage this situation?
► Bearing in mind the HDU/ITU facilities in this hospital, how will manage a child who needs a Nissen's fundoplication who has suddenly aspirated while on the ward?
► How do you measure efficiency?
► What efficiency strategies would you like to introduce if you were appointed?
► Where do you see the role of Chelsea in North West London in the Paediatric Surgical Network?
► You will have read about CQUINS and QIPPS in preparation for your interview. What do you understand by the term innovation?
► What innovations will you introduce to the trust?
► You are in theatre with a trainee who isn't performing to the standards that you would expect. You question him during a long boring case and find out that about 2 weeks ago, he was with a senior colleague who shouted at him in front of the whole theatre team and he has been feeling very demotivated since. How do you handle this?
► He then tells you he could smell alcohol on your colleague's breath. How do you handle this?
► How do you deal with a senior underperforming trainee?
► How would you respond to a complaint letter?
Submitted by: Muhammad

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