Plastic Surgery (with breast reconstruction interest) Consultant Interview:

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☛ Talk us through your training.
☛ As you know this job covers two sites. How will you ensure a high quality breast service across two sites?
☛ This is a breast job. How do you feel about undertaking non-breast work?
☛ Tell us about your experience abroad.
☛ This is your first night on call as a consultant. How will you manage / interact with the registrar on call?
☛ Your Registrar has called you in for a difficult case but it is more complicated that you thought. You are not sure how to manage it; how will deal with this?
☛ How many flaps have you done? How long does it take you to do a DIEP flap? How will you manage your first bilateral DIEP flap?
☛ I see you have done a higher degree. Do you think research is important for surgeons?
☛ Do you think you are a good teacher and what evidence do you have to show this?
☛ What can bring to this hospital?
☛ Where do you see yourself in 2 and 6 years' time?
☛ How will foundation status affect you and the service you provide?
☛ How do you think you will work with your line manager in terms of your service?
☛ If I were your patient, how would you build a relationship with me?
☛ How would a physician's assistant help you in your practice?
☛ What makes a good leader?
☛ How would your colleagues describe you?
☛ Why do you want to work in this hospital?
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