Primary interview questions for Junior School Teacher:

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► How in your opinion could you tell if it is a good school by walking in through the door? What would you look for?
► What would you think about in preparing the classroom for the first day of a new school year with a new class?
► How would you go about trying to include different methods of teaching for a very uninteresting subject?
► A 'high achiever' in the class has not been working to his/her potential over the last two weeks or so. What would you do?
► Relevance of your degree subject
► How does your degree apply to Primary teaching?
► What is the relevance of your degree subject to primary teaching?
► Why do you want to teach this age group?
► Do you prefer Key Stage One or Key Stage Two, and why?
► What key stage are you most interested in and why?
► The lecturer asked more educational based questions such as what qualities and qualifications you have
► I wasn't asked any questions specifically related to the PGCE, because in the test that I had to do, I covered all the questions that the interviewer was going to ask - he read my responses in the test just before my interview, then called me into the room for a chat, more than an interview. "Why do you want to be a teacher?". The questions I was asked helped the interviewer do more of a character analysis on me, rather than ask specific PGCE/Teaching orientated questions.
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