Radiology Consultant Job Interview Questions:

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☛ Talk me through your training milestones.
☛ Are you trained and competent for this job?
☛ The trust has recently merged and there are two people on the panel from the different sides of the city. Where does your allegiance lie?
☛ In your application form you said you were passionate about teaching; that's an unusually strong word. Explain.
☛ Tell me a bit about interviewing medical students. Why do we need to interview (some medical schools don't)? How is it best to approach the interviewing process?
☛ Would you like to become a mentor?
☛ Tell me about patient safety, giving radiology-based examples.
☛ How do you intend to improve the service. Be specific.
☛ The job description includes specialist sarcoma imaging. How much have you done?
☛ Are you happy and competent to do on call intervention work?
☛ The job includes padiatric intervention. What are you willing to take on?
☛ How would you deal with a problem colleague and can you give an example of one?
☛ How would you put together a business case to stop performing barium enemas?
☛ What do you think of CT colonography? Where is it going in the future?
☛ What research have you done? What are your future plans?
☛ What do you think about revalidation?
☛ How can we reduce healthcare associated infections?
☛ How can we improve the day-to-day safety of the department?
☛ What is your understanding and experience of clinical audit?
☛ Explain your understanding fo becoming a foundation trust. How should we go about it and what difference will it make?
☛ What do you understand by plurality and what effect does it have on radiology?
☛ What 3 words would you use to describr how you felt when you walked in here today?
☛ How do you think patients feel when they are about to see you? How do you feel when you are about to see a patient?
☛ Where do you see yourself in 5 years' time?
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