Speech Pathologist School Interview Questions:

Submitted by: Muhammad
When interviewing for a position in a school, your interviewer will be looking for information about how you work with a variety of different people. They will ask questions relating to your interaction with parents and teachers, as well as with students.

► What clinical experience have you had in a school setting?
► What kind of strategies would you use with a child who stutters, and why?
► Imagine a parent comes to you and tells you that she is taking her child out of speech because the child doesn't like it. How will you respond?
► You are in a group setting with a child who stutters, a child with a receptive delay, and a child with artic only problems. How will you develop a therapy plan that will meet each child's goals?
► How would you deal with a situation in which you suspected a case of child abuse?
► Explain how you would assess a child who is a non-native English speaker.
Submitted by: Muhammad

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