Surgery Consultant Interview Questions:

Submitted by: Muhammad
► Tell us about yourself.
► What would your ideal job plan look like?
► Out of the job plans on offer, which one would you prefer and how does your training make you suitable for it?
► You are wearing a tie bearing the arms of the royal college. Explain.
► If you were appointed how would you help the new PFI?
► What do you know about the new elective emergency split? What are the pros and cons?
► How would you reassure me that I won't be called for questionning by the GMC to discuss your conduct?
► Have you had any critical incidents? What did you learn and how?
► Are we doing enough nationally in terms of audits?
► Are our systems robust enough?
► What are the timelines and developments for revalidation? Tell us about the logistics.
► How would you increase theatre efficiency and save money?
► Will you be working in theatres or trying to solve all the problems outside the theatre environment?
► How can you work with people as a team to improve efficiency?
► Will you accept any job or a specific job plan?
► Praise the Trust.
Submitted by: Muhammad

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