Tell me have you really been listening?

Submitted by: Muhammad
It's easy to go into an interview with a list of questions about the position. But the tougher part-and what the interviewer really wants to see-is whether you can roll with the punches, engage in the conversation, and ask questions that weren't already answered over the course of the interview.

This will require some thinking on your feet. As you're going along in the interview, be thinking which key areas-job duties, company culture, the team you'll be working with-haven't been covered yet, so you can target your questions there. You can also prepare ahead of time by thinking of more non-traditional questions, or ask questions targeted to the interviewer herself, which probably won't be covered in the interview.

Try things like: What you like most about working here? What drew you to work for this organization? What do you think are the current strategic challenges facing the organization? What advice would you give to someone in this role?
Submitted by: Muhammad

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