What To Expect In Your Interview in TSR - Telesales Representatives Job?

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You will find that many employers are now using Competency Based Interviewing techniques when recruiting for Legal jobs. For Sales positions expect Competency Based and Behavioral questions exploring competencies such as:
► Excellent interpersonal skills
► Good planning and organisation skills
► Excellent communication and persuasion skills
► Determined and enthusiastic
► Ability to build relationships and make sales

Core competencies required in Marketing jobs include:
► Strong Analytical Thinking skills
► Ability to carry out research and develop plans
► Excellent communication skills
► An ability to build and maintain relationships

For each of the above you should expect 3-4 questions along with standard questions exploring your legal training and qualifications, reasons for choosing your career and reasons for applying.

For interviews for Sales and Marketing Management positions you should expect questions exploring:
► ► Your ability to motivate and inspire a team
► Your record with delivering against targets
► Skills with developing and building relationships with clients
► An ability to develop new sales leads, products and markets
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