What have you done to prepare for this job as Translator?

Submitted by: Muhammad
This part is important to prepare for any jobs you desire to work. If you have an interest for a job and prepare, you would be interested in staying longer (possibly or not)

Did you meet with other people in the line of work?
Did you perform a job shadow or mentorship/internship?
Did you meet with any of the interpreters who works for the agency?
Have you made every effort to learn as much as you can about the company and its operation?
Do you know much about the owner of the agency and how they are?
This is very important to understand information about the company itself. Companies are interested in what you know and how much you know. Many wants to see potential employees to have an interest in working with them and take pride in working with the company by taking extra time in learning who and what the company is about.
Submitted by: Muhammad

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