What is RUP and PSP?

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RUP stands for Rational Unified Process
It deals with -
• Iterative software development process.
• Visual Modeling of Systems
• Quality Management
• Change Control Management
• Deals with the role, the activity, and the artifact
• For managing OO Software Development
Some Features of RUP are -
• Online Repository of Process Information and Description
• Templates for all major artifacts, including:
- Requirements tracking (RequisitePro templates)
- Use Cases (Word Templates )
- Project Management (Project Templates)
• Process Manuals describing key processes
PSP stands for Personal Software Process
PSP Objectives are -
- To introduce individuals to a process-based approach to developing software
- To show individuals how to measure, estimate, schedule, and track their work
- To show individuals how to improve the quality of their programs
- In general PSP improves quality and productivity
- The time saved in testing because of better quality reduces time across the project by 20-40%
Advantage of PSP -
- To manage your work & assess/build your talents/skills
- To plan better
- To track your performance precisely
- To measure the quality of your software products
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