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First Quick Tips for a Winning Resume

First Quick Tips For A Winning Resume

Tailor Your Resume

Make your resume “job tailored”. Avoid the one-size-fits-all resume, if you want to take your job search seriously. Any resume version you create must be targeted to any single position you apply for. Do not use the same resume for every job opportunity out there. It is a strategy that will lead to nowhere.
Therefore, you must have a draft to work on a resume that is specifically targeted to the person /company to whom you are sending it.

Customizing Your Resume For A Job:

So how do you ensure that your resume is sufficiently well tailored  to make sure that you stand out from the crowd? How do you ensure that your resume is tailored to the job?
First and foremost, refer to the section of the job opening where it lists Specification, Job Description, Requirements, or any other selection criteria listed therein.

For Example


If a job requires experience working in a team, ensure that each of the positions on your resume includes detailed descriptions of your experience working in a team.

Managerial Positions:

If you are aiming for three different positions, such as – project manager, product manager or program manager, these three positions are similar but have different requirements. Therefore, write three versions of resumes showcasing how you meet the job requirements and personality traits needed for each position.
In other words: do not shoot yourself in the foot right at the beginning of your job search efforts? You must re-position yourself for any job you apply for.
You have to say, ‘What would be of most interest to this employer?

Your Assets

Your best qualities is what matters. Your key/strongest assets in terms of any employer could be your work history, education, skills and career achievement. Therefore, insert your best assets as close to the top of the resume as possible. If you want the resume to be read, decide on your best assets and present them right at the top in order to drive interest in you. How do you do this? Try to evaluate the key aspect for each job you apply for. Then, make the best case for you background, strengths, education or experience. Grab the attention of the hiring managers by presenting your best arguments in the opening lines of your resume.

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Re: First Quick Tips for a Winning Resume

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