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What Do Employers Want?

What Do Employers Want In A Candidate's Resume?

An Overview:

Before diving into the resume writing, let’s focus on the mindset of the hiring managers in order to understand the main features to include in your resume. If you have ever wondered what the person sitting on the other side of the table thinks while reading your resume or while interviewing you, read further to get a better idea.

What Do Employers Look For When Reading Your Resume?

Working in a company means following a system and being consistently productive. Though this cannot be proven within the first few minutes, your resume can work for you. There are not many documents that you can show your consistency and systematic approach to life like a well written resume. Your resume is the best weapon you have in your hunt for a job, and a well written one wins half the battle for you. Therefore, make sure that your resume is the best you can write.
Here are some quick pointers:


Equivalents between the job requirements and your qualifications. Employers actually look for similarities between your previous jobs and the new position that they wish to fill.

Your Career Road Map (up to now):

They wish to see a steady upward curve in your career graph. Not a plateau one or a career that suffers the yo-yo effect.


Employers want winners. Have you achieved goals? Write about actions you took to achieve goals and the positive results.

Skill Sets:

Employers would want to observe your competencies. Each job requires a unique set of skills – Behavioral/personal skills and technical skills. For example: Can you easily adapt yourself to changes and cope with difficulties? How would you write that you were not only a good performer in your previous jobs, but able to make the adjustment required for the new job? There is a section called “key skills” in a resume where you can specify that you possess learning agility, adaptability, effective communication skills and/or you are tolerant of challenging/stressful situations.
Each position is posted with its requirements and this brings us back to your resume. Because your resume is an indirect communication with employers, let them observe your qualities in the best way you can. Otherwise, why should they call you to the interview?

2015-04-13 06:13:50

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Re: What Do Employers Want?

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