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52+ Mobile Apps Developer Interview Questions And Answers

Mobile Technologies Mobile Apps Developer Job Interview Questions and Answers

Mobile Apps Developer related interview test questions and answers guide. The one who provides the best answers with a perfect presentation is the one who wins the job hunting race. Learn more about Mobile Apps Developer and get preparation for the new job interview

What is AVD?
Do you know what Is Aidl?
Please explain what Is Manifest File And How We Used?
Please explain does IOS Support Multitasking?
Do you know what Are Activities?
What are Containers?
Please explain which Api Is Used To Write Test Scripts?
Tell me which Languages Are The Mobile Apps Programmed In?
Tell me which Framework Is Deliver Event To Custom Object?
Please explain what Is Different About The Mobile App Development?
Can you explain me Scenarios When An Application Goes Into Inactive State?
Please explain how An Operating System Improve Battery Life While Running An App?
Do you know what Is Intent?
Tell me which Language Need To Know To Develop Android Apps?
What is Android Application Content Providers Components?
Do you know how Android Allows You To Store Data?
What is Android Application Activities Components?
Can you explain me the Name Of That Application Thread From Where Uikit Classes Should Be Used?
Tell me which Items Or Folders Are Important In Every Android Project?
What is Android Application Broadcast Receivers Components?
Do you know adt Stands For?
Tell me which Data Types Does Aidl Support?
Tell me when Running In Foreground Than In Background Why An App On Ios Device Behaves Differently?
Do you know what Is Android Mobile?
What is Android Application Services Components?
Tell us which Tools Required To Develop Ios Applications?
Please explain which Information Do You Need Before You Begin Coding An Android App For A Client?
Tell us sdk Stands For?
Do you know what Is Meaning Of Android?
Tell me which Are The Advantages Of Android?
What are Tech Challenges?
Tell us which You Like Better, Ice Cream Sandwich Or Kitkat?
Explain me how The Mobile Applications Scoped And Specified?
Tell us what Are The Features Of Android Os?
Do you know how To Start Another Activity?
Tell us what Are The Advance Features Of Android Os?
Do you know Folder, File & Description Of Android Apps?
Tell me do you know which Json Framework Is Supported By Ios?
Tell us how To Respond To State Transitions On Your App?
Do you know which Special Skills And Roles Are Required?
Explain me what Is First Element In Androidmanifest File, Right After The Encoding Declaration?
Please explain where Test Apple Iphone Apps If Don't Have The Device?
Tell me when We Say That An App Is In Active State?
What is an ANR?
Tell me who Are The Inventors Of Android?
Tell me which Tools Required For Developing Android Apps?
Explain me how To Port Applications To Multiple Platforms?
Explain which Any Other Advice You Have For The App Developer?
What is an App Widgets?
Explain me which Framework Is Used To Construct Application's User Interface For Ios?
Do you know when An App Is Said To Be In Not Running State?
Do you know how To Avoid An Anr?

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