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26 Artificial intelligence Interview Questions And Answers

Basic Programming Artificial intelligence (AI) Job Interview Questions and Answers

Artificial intelligence Interview Questions and Answers will guide you that Artificial intelligence (AI) is the intelligence of machines and the branch of computer science that aims to create it. Textbooks define the field as the study and design of intelligent agents, where an intelligent agent is a system that perceives its environment and takes actions that maximize its chances of success. So learn Artificial intelligence by this Artificial intelligence Interview Questions with Answers guide

Explain AI Checkers?
Consider this: after a while Tesuaros temporal difference program will likely stop learning, so does this means that it lost its intelligence?
Tell me about AI Backgammon?
Is artificial intelligence lives over the other software programs and their flexibility?
Which is identical to closed list in Graph search?  a) Hill climbing search algorithm  b) Depth-first search  c) Transposition table  d) None of the mentioned
How effectiveness of the alpha-beta pruning gets increased?  a) Depends on the nodes  b) Depends on the order in which they are executed  c) Both a & b  d) None of the mentioned
Complexity of minimax algorithm is  a) Same as of DFS  b) Space - bm and time - bm  c) Time - bm and space - bm  d) Same as BFS
Minimax algorithm (Figure 6.3) computes the minimax decision from the current state. It uses a simple recursive computation of the minimax values of each successor state, directly implementing the defining equations. The recursion proceeds all the way down to the leaves of the tree, and then the minimax values are backed up through the tree as the recursion unwinds.  a) True  b) False
Initial state and the legal moves for each side define the __________ for the game.  a) Search Tree  b) Game Tree  c) State Space Search  d) Forest
Zero sum game has to be _______ game.  a) Single player  b) Two player  c) Multiplayer  d) Three player
Zero sum games are one in which there are two agents whose actions must alternate and in which the utility values at the end of the game are always the same.  a) True  b) False
Mathematical game theory, branch of economics, views any multi-agent environment as a game provided that the impact of each agent on the others is "significant," regardless of whether the agents are cooperative or competitive.  a) True  b) False
Adversarial search of problems uses,  a) Competitive Environment  b) Cooperative Environment  c) Neither a nor b  d) Only a and b
This set of Artificial Intelligence MCQs focuses on "Game Theory - 1″.  1. General games involves,  a) Single-agent  b) Multi-agent  c) Neither a nor b  d) Only a and b
Explain Game Playing AI?
Where can I find conference information?
What are partial, alternate, artificial, compound and natural key?
What are best graduate schools for AI?
What is the difference between classical AI and statistical AI?
What are good programming languages for AI?
What are the branches of AI?
What has AI accomplished?
What is an agent?
I am a programmer interested in AI. I am writing a game that needs AI. Where do I start?
What is the difference between strong AI and weak AI?
What is AI?

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