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Government UPSC Interview Questions And Answers

Government Section :: Government UPSC Job Interview Questions and Answers

Government UPSC job interview preparation guide. Number of Government UPSC frequently asked questions(FAQs) asked in many Government UPSC interviews

1 ► When the upsc cpf ac result Is going to be decalred for this year is it coming on 3rd of oct11?
2 ► Is it compulsary to hav 2-3yrs. Work exp. In mfg. Or other field To become Drug Inspector?
3 ► What type of questions asked in CPF interview?
4 ► What are the jobs in upsc?What are the services in upsc?What is civils briefly?
5 ► Who said "the muslims were fools to ask for safeguards, and the hindus were greater fools to refuse them"?
6 ► The Governor is appointed by the?
7 ► What was the role of Lord Canning in the revolution of 1857?
8 ► What is skilled?
9 ► Why i should select only you and not the candidate sitting outside?
10 ► Is there any difference between the upsc ENGG andUPSC IES exam?
11 ► Who are ahilyabai holkar?
12 ► Who are malharrao holkar?
13 ► The first political organization establishedin India in 1838 was knows asa. British India Societyb. Bengal British India Society 6 of 15c. Settlers Associationd. Zamindary Association?
14 ► Match List I with List II and select thecorrect answer using the codes givenbelow the lists:List I (Characteristic)A. Wingless insectB. Flightless birdC. Limbless reptileD. Lungless animalList II (Animal)1. Kiwi2. Silver fish3. Turtle4. Snake5. FishA B C Da. 1 3 2 5b. 2 1 4 5c. 2 1 3 4d. 3 1 4 2?
15 ► Among the four political parties listedbelow, which one was the last to be formed?a. The Conservative Party in Britain (Historical 1678, Modern 1912)b. The Democratic Party in U.S.A. (1828 (modern)1792 (historic))c. The Republican Party in U.S.A. (1854)d. The Indian National Congress (1885)
16 ► Why you want to join Indian army?

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Re: Government UPSC Interview Questions And Answers

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Re: Government UPSC Interview Questions And Answers

Nice work, Thanks for sharing these question & answers

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