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52 Accounts Manager Interview Questions And Answers

Management Accounts Manager Job Interview Questions and Answers

Accounts Manager based job preparation guide for freshers and experienced candidates. Number of Accounts Manager frequently asked questions(FAQs) asked in many interviews

What are purposes of maintaining control ledgers?
Tell me how to book a letter of credit in your books?
How to place journal entry for purchase order in books of account?
What is funds flow statement?
Does various elements of business affect fund/cash flow?
Described Variance Analysis with Example?
Define GPSD in accounting?
Which procedures are in place to ensure that a sponsored project is carried out in compliance with the terms, conditions and financial management and reporting requirements of both the municipality and provincial treasury?
Define Budgeting?
Can you please explain the difference between cash basis and accrual basis Balance Sheet?
Who is responsible for maintaining Accounts receivable in an organization?
How many methods are used to calculate depreciation?
Define MIS reports?
how to do finalization of accounts?
What is MIS report in accounting and how to prepare it?
Define an aging report in Accounting?
Define Contingent Liability?
What are the various items fall in balance sheet?
Can you please explain the difference between payment and charge reversals?
Define Asset accounting?
Why we cannot depreciate stock?
Tell me how FIRC accounting is done?
Define appropriation?
Difference between forecasting & Budget?
Can you please explain the difference between forecasting and Budget?
Define committed cost?
How will you account B company investment in C company in consolidated accounts?
What are different kind of MIS reports?
Define accounting report?
Define gross profit margin?
What are the columns of a journal?
Define Journalizing?
Define Compound Journal entry?
Define Entries for which there is no special journal?
What are Rectification Entries?
What are Entries for rare transactions?
What are Opening Entries?
What are Transfer Entries?
What are Adjustment Entries?
What are Closing entries?
What are the type of transactions entered in Journal proper?
Described Purchase day book?
What does an accurate Trial Balance suggest?
Described control ledgers?
List the reasons which cause pass book of the bank and your bank book not tally?
Define Trial Balance?
Which steps you take to locate errors in case Trial Balance disagrees?
Which is important to effective market analysis?
What are most important qualities of an account manager?
What you do to increase revenues?
Tell me how would you define team work and communication skills in context of account management?
What makes a successful account manager?

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Re: 52 Accounts Manager Interview Questions And Answers

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