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Anthropology Interview Questions And Answers

Education and Science :: Anthropology Job Interview Questions and Answers

Anthropology Interview Questions and Answers will Guide you about that Anthropology is the study of human beings, everywhere and throughout time. Anthropology has its intellectual origins in both the natural sciences, and the humanities. Its basic questions concern, What defines Homo sapiens? Learn more about the Anthropology and get preparation of Anthropology Jobs Interview by our Anthropology Interview Questions and Answers Guide.

1 ► Can you give me your take on the initial migration into North and South America?
2 ► Could you tell me which the biggest and/or most powerful human species was in the past?
3 ► When did first Caucasoid man appear? Was the earliest Cro-Magnon Caucasoid? What Caucasoid characteristics did Cro-magnon have?
4 ► Does ones cultural and social environment dictate the type of religion practiced?
5 ► What year did the total number of people living in the world equal the total number of people who had already died?
6 ► How can we understand human beings? How can we Study them?
7 ► What type of food Neanderthal people ate and how they cooked it?
8 ► Why are there no signs of civilization prior to about 6000 years ago if modern humans have been around for about 125,000 years?
9 ► Did Neanderthals use fire? Some estimates have Neanderthals living in Asia 200,000 years ago. Has this been verified or debunked?
10 ► Are humans bones all the same size, or some bigger than other?
11 ► What assumptions have been made about "Sin" or "shame" by anthropologist?
12 ► Which came first? Monotheism or Polytheism
13 ► In what way are the inhabitants of El Alto, Bolivia different from other people?
14 ► Why is necessity NOT the mother of invention in evolutionary terms?
15 ► Are there different types of anthropology, if so explain?
16 ► What is the cultural background of Pennsylvania?
17 ► Why do some people have slanted eyes, while others have round ones? More importantly where can I find a reliable resource that will explain this and which I can reference in a report?
18 ► In what year of life are more than 50% of people born in a particular year dead.
19 ► What determines the race of a child in a white and black couple? Father Black and mother white
20 ► What was the evolutionary reason for different shapes of eyes? Eastern Asian eyes in particular.
21 ► What criteria would archeological information have to meet to be considered evidence of complex thought?
22 ► Could you explain to me what evidence is utilized to support the claim that humans have evolved over time from earlier forms?
23 ► What is the difference between an occipital bun and a nuchal torus?
24 ► Is there ever been a society that could have eaten meat?
25 ► Discuss the distinctions of Indio and Mestizo in Mexican society, in terms of a) identity b) ideology c) behavior, d) wealth/economic opportunities, and e) openness to change.
26 ► How can we justify scientifically that the Homo erectus, Homo heidelberensis, Neanderthal, and modern humans are separate species?
27 ► What experts should I ask about a question like this? Can a white male determine if he has any black blood in him through DNA testing?
28 ► Is it possible to describe in general terms (archetype) the race that once populated Britain and already present when the Celts arrived
29 ► Is it true that all humans have the same size bones?
30 ► When the Homo floresiensis remains were discovered on Flores in an un-fossilized state it was supposed DNA might be recoverable. Do you happen to know whether DNA was ever extracted from the remains - or if it is still intended to try to do so?
31 ► As the modern day, Greeks are the direct descendents of ancient Greek culture, such as Homers time; likewise, are the modern Egyptians the direct genetic/blood descendents of ancients Pharaohs, 2000 BC?
32 ► Over the entire world, in which countries were people of the Negro race found to be native or indigenous?
33 ► What is race, how do anthropologists define it. How the different races did arose
34 ► Did the Eskimos have fire before the Europeans arrived? Did they cook food? Use for heat?
35 ► What is one brief reason anthropologists care so much about social complexity?
36 ► What are Ice ages? When was the last Ice age?
37 ► Do you think, in spite of no evidence, that it is conceivable that hominids had crossed into what is now North America...?
38 ► What is the most credible explanation of how dinosaur evidence (evolution) and biblical belief (creationism) can co-exist?
39 ► Is there any evidence that Neanderthal man held any sort of religious beliefs?
40 ► What is the significant of the phaistos disk? Has anyone translated it?
41 ► Do you know of any cultures today or in recorded history that did not have some type of deity that they worshiped?
42 ► How much mass extinction has been completed?
43 ► When did humans first use fire? Was the primary use of fire to cook food or something else?
44 ► How do societies without access to text decide what are good and bad sources of information?
45 ► What was the life expectancy of Homo Habilis, Homo Erectus, and early Homo sapiens? Is 18 to 20 years about right, with the oldest age around 40?
46 ► How would you compare and contrast the specific distinctions between psychology, anthropology, and sociology? Any suggestions would be appreciate.

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