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Oracle PL-SQL Interview Questions And Answers

Oracle Database :: Oracle PL-SQL Job Interview Questions and Answers

Oracle PL-SQL Interview Questions and Answers will help you to face a successful Oracle PL-SQL Interview and get hired, here you can learn PL-SQL of Oracle database also and update your knowledge and get preparation for a better job in Oracle PL SQL, So learn PL-SQL with the help of this Oracle PL-SQL Interview Questions with Answers guide

1 ► What is difference b/w stored procedures and application procedures, stored function and application function?
2 ► Explian rowid, rownum?what are the psoducolumns we have?
3 ► what is the starting oracle error number?what is meant by forward declaration in functions?
4 ► In a Distributed Database System Can we execute two queries simultaneously? Justify?
5 ► How we can create a table in PL/SQL block. insert records into it? is it possible by some procedure or function? please give example?
6 ► How to avoid using cursors? What to use instead of cursor and in what cases to do so?
7 ► State the difference between implict and explict cursors?
8 ► How to know the last executed procedure?
9 ► How can a function retun more than one value in oracle with proper example?
10 ► If the application is running very slow? At what points you need to go about the database in order to improve the performance?
11 ► What is the basic structure of PL/SQL?
12 ► What are the components of a PL/SQL block?
13 ► What are the datatypes a available in PL/SQL?
14 ► What are % TYPE and % ROWTYPE? What are the advantages of using these over datatypes?
15 ► What is difference between % ROWTYPE and TYPE RECORD?
16 ► What will the Output for this Coding>DeclareCursor c1 is select * from emp FORUPDATE;Z c1%rowtype;BeginOpen C1;Fetch c1 into Z;Commit;Fetch c1 in to Z;end;
17 ► What are the Restrictions on Cursor Variables?
18 ► Can we declare a column having number data type and its scale is larger than pricesionex: column_name NUMBER(10,100),column_name NUMBAER(10,-84)
19 ► What will happen after commit statement?
20 ► Explain the usage of WHERE CURRENT OF clause in cursors?
21 ► What is a database trigger? Name some usages of database trigger?
22 ► How many types of database triggers can be specified on a table? What are they?
23 ► Is it possible to use Transaction control Statements such a ROLLBACK or COMMIT in Database Trigger? Why?
24 ► What are two virtual tables available during database trigger execution?
25 ► What happens if a procedure that updates a column of table X is called in a database trigger of the same table?
26 ► Write the order of precedence for validation of a column in a table?I. done using Database triggers.ii. done using Integarity Constraints
27 ► What is an Exception? What are types of Exception?
28 ► What is Pragma EXECPTION_INIT? Explain the usage?
29 ► What is Raise_application_error?
30 ► What are the return values of functions SQLCODE and SQLERRM?
31 ► Where the Pre_defined_exceptions are stored?
32 ► What is an oracle stored procedure?
33 ► What is a cursor for loop?
34 ► What are the cursor attributes used in PL/SQL?
35 ► What are the PL/SQL Statements used in cursor processing?
36 ► Explain the two type of Cursors?
37 ► What is a cursor ? Why Cursor is required?
38 ► What is PL/SQL table?
39 ► What is difference between a PROCEDURE & FUNCTION?
40 ► What are advantages fo Stored Procedures?
41 ► What are the modes of parameters that can be passed to a procedure?
42 ► What are the two parts of a procedure?
43 ► Give the structure of the procedure?
44 ► Give the structure of the function?
45 ► Explain how procedures and functions are called in a PL/SQL block?
46 ► What is Overloading of procedures?
47 ► What are two parts of package?
48 ► What is difference between a Cursor declared in a procedure and Cursor declared in a package specification?
49 ► How packaged procedures and functions are called from the following?a. Stored procedure or anonymous blockb. an application program such a PRC *C, PRO* COBOLc. SQL *PLUS
50 ► Name the tables where characteristics of Package, procedure and functions are stored?
51 ► Give the Types of modules in a form?

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Re: Oracle PL-SQL Interview Questions And Answers

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