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Microsoft Access Interview Questions And Answers

Applications Programs :: Microsoft Access Database Job Interview Questions and Answers

Microsoft Office Access Interview Questions and Answers will guide us now that MS Access previously known as Microsoft Access, is a relational database management system from Microsoft that combines the relational Microsoft Jet Database Engine with a graphical user interface and software development tools. So learn Microsoft Access with Microsoft Office Access Interview Questions with Answers

1 ► What is the size limitation of an Access database?
2 ► How do you add a developer to a trusted publishers list?
3 ► Would you like to easily automate your MS Access database through menu driven selections?
4 ► Explain about managing data tasks?
5 ► When I assigned a primary key to my table in Microsoft Access, I was expecting my data to be sorted. Am I using the correct procedure?
6 ► How do you import data from another access database?
7 ► I am using the Switchboard Manager in MS Access. I am getting an error message There was an error executing this command.
8 ► What happens if the both source and destination are named the same?
9 ► What format should my database be saved in to allow different versions of Microsoft Access to open the database?
10 ► What is the maximum size of a database that can be opened in Microsoft Access?
11 ► I am designing an Access database form. How can I get my next control in the form to be automatically selected?
12 ► In MS Access, the long and short date option does not show 4 digit years. How do I achieve the mm/dd/yyyy format?
13 ► How can I open an MS Access database that has been converted to a current version?
14 ► Explain about relationships and look up fields?
15 ► How do you create an append query?
16 ► State some of the uses append query?
17 ► State some criteria s and their effects on a database?
18 ► Detail about how you can import a sharepoint list?
19 ► Explain the steps for this message could not delete from the specified tables?
20 ► Explain about creating a report tool by using the report tool and report wizard?
21 ► Explain about Microsoft access?
22 ► Explain about the various features present in MS Access?
23 ► State some of the uses of MS Access?
24 ► Explain about the protection features present in MS Access?
25 ► Name at least six file extensions of Microsoft Access?
26 ► State the criteria which a trusted publisher should meet before adding him?

2012-04-03 04:02:33

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Re: Microsoft Access Interview Questions And Answers

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