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Competitive Strategy Interview Questions And Answers

Business Accounting Finance Marketing and HR :: Competitive Marketing Strategy Job Interview Questions and Answers

Competitive Strategy Marketing Interview Questions And Answers will Guide you that five forces analysis is a framework for the industry analysis and business strategy development. It uses concepts developed in Industrial Organization (IO) economics to derive five forces which determine the competitive intensity and therefore attractiveness of a market. Learn more about Competitive Marketing Strategy or get preparation of Competitive Marketing Strategy Job Interview with this Guide.

1 ► The first approach of any competitor analysis is to establish is what?
2 ► When adopting a market perspective, the competition is defined as task competition whereby companies are trying to satisfy customer or customer group, needs and wants. Which of the following illustrate a company adopting a market perspective identification of competitors?
3 ► Competitive advantage is gained through the offering customers greater value. How can this be achieved?
4 ► Most companies will compete with those competitors that resemble them the most, for example, Peugeot/Citroen competes against Renault rather than against Ferrari. There are several strategic benefits to the existence of competitors. What are these benefits?
5 ► When discussing the 8Cs framework for mergers and acquisitions, which of the following is not a component of the criteria-
6 ► The Boston consulting Group estimates that ______ of recent US acquisitions have destroyed value for the acquirers shareholders.
7 ► Which of the following are mechanisms to expanding the total market?
8 ► A runner-up firm in an industry that is fighting hard to increase market share, is referred to as?
9 ► Which of the following competitive positioning strategies is a losing strategy?
10 ► What is competitor myopia?
11 ► Determining what drives competitor behavior is based upon establishing which of the following-
12 ► Competition can be viewed from different aspects. When an industry is defined as the set of all sellers of a product or service, this is referred to as what-
13 ► For some products, competitive pressure may keep margins tight. To increase profit the organization may do which of the following-
14 ► Price sensitivity can be a meaningful way of doing which of the following between groups of customers.
15 ► Retail and wholesale markets take a far more rational approach to price interpretation than do consumer groups. Intermediaries must look in which two directions when deciding what price they can charge- ► 1) The banks ► 2) The manufacturers ► 3) The environment ► 4) The consumers ► 5) The authorities
16 ► Marketers would use which pricing strategy to overcome a competitor that they felt did not have sufficient resources to sustain a price war.
17 ► Like and egg, the Internet bank, most e-commerce operations offer prices well below those in the high street or mall and are making huge losses. What are the Internet businesses hoping to achieve with their aggressive pricing and is their price advantage likely to be maintained? Which of the following statements are correct and relevant to this pricing strategy?
18 ► Define a penetration pricing strategy.
19 ► A marketing managers pricing decisions are often influenced by the competitions pricing and their marketing strategies. Which of the following need to be considered when determining price?
20 ► What are sources of information when gathering market intelligence about competitors?
21 ► The process of comparing the company s products and processes to those of competitors or leading firms in other industries, to find ways to improve quality and performance, is referred to as:
22 ► The analysis conducted to determine what features and benefits that BMW drivers prefer over the features and benefits of a Mercedes Benz and how customers rate the relative importance or value of these features, is a mechanism to conduct what type of analysis?
23 ► The process of identifying key competitors, assessing their objectives, strategies, strengths and weaknesses, reaction patterns and selection of which competitors to attack is part of what process?
24 ► Volvo views Mercedes as prominent competitor, but does not view Rolls Royce as a competitor as these companies operate in different target markets. What type of competition does this represent?
25 ► An industry is defined as which of the following-
26 ► The launch of store own brands such as Tescos Butter me up has had what effect on the competitive environment-
27 ► A group of firms following the same or similar strategy is referred to as what-
28 ► Based upon rationality and mutual respect competitors can often exist harmoniously, however various predatory or retaliatory acts can disrupt this harmony. Which of the following are market disruptive strategies?
29 ► A runner up in an industry that is fighting hard to increase its market share is referred to as.
30 ► Which of the following strategies could a market leader implement to maintain its commanding leadership position?
31 ► Improving productivity means squeezing more profits out of the same volume of sales. Which of the following are not specifically productivity enhancing tactics?
32 ► Defense strategies are utilized by market leaders against their attackers. When competitors attack the market leaders weaknesses, such as Japanese care manufacturers entering the USA market with smaller and cheaper cars, this is referred to as what type of defense strategy?
33 ► Market challengers use a range of offensive strategies to attack the market leaders and other competitors. Which of the following is a market challenger strategy that uses a diversification approach, often into new technological and geographical areas and unrelated areas to overcome the opposition?
34 ► Market follower often gains many advantages without excessive expense, by following the market leader. Which type of market follower strategy is one whereby the market follower copies some things from the market leader but maintains some differentiation with its packaging, advertising, pricing and other factors?

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